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5 Songs I Love W/ Canned Pineapple

Brighton wonly scuzz--pop rockers Canned Pineapple have had a thunderous start to 2024 with their first gigs in the US, support from tastemaker gurus So Young and continued play from Radio X and a UK tour with The Love Buzz to boot.

Making a brilliantly murky yet infectiously catchy and vibrant sound, the band carry a unique, fresh, indie-rock tone yet buoyant 60s edge that shines brightly on the new single 'She Says'. We wanted to know more about what music the band listen to, what shapes their unique musical approach. Over to the band to run through some of their faves:

The Swimming Song by Loudon Wainwright III

We’ve been waiting about 6 months for it to be summer so we can go swimming to this song. We live on the beach and it’s THE swimming song so wouldn’t listen to anything else while swimming this summer. It’s a joyous ditty about some of the fine things in life, we love it. This summer I’ll do the backstroke, and you know that’s not all.

Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant

No word of lie, we rock down to electric avenue 7 days a week. There’s no better spot to see. This tune beams roll we crave. Since we can’t afford a thing on TV, we always end up on Electric Avenue.


This song just always got me funky jammin down the street no matter what. Y’know that bit in Spider Man 3 with the James Brown tune and stuff? Yeah I be walking in and out of Brighton shops listening to ‘Binge’ and doin some crazy outfit change. Love it.

Pop Star by Lime Garden

During my darkest hours Pop Star by Lime Garden has acted as a beacon of hope. Perfectly capturing how making music right now feels in a certain sense. “I don’t wanna work my job ‘cause life is fleeting and I’m a pop-star.” Whenever the Hannah Montana lifestyle gets to consuming listen to this track and be cured.

My Star Sign Is A Bassett Hound by Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard

This comes from one of our favourite albums of the year so far. Buzzard never cease help us rock out on a day to day basis and this one is one of my faves. I remember seeing it live about a year ago and being blown away by the songs and Tom’s epic power stance.

Listen to the radiant new single 'She Says' below:

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