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5 Songs I Love w/ Carmela

Following the release of her beautiful acoustic rendition of her song 'Born To Lose You', we caught up with Carmela to find out more about this versatile rising star. Check out some of Carmela's favourite songs below as well as the new music video for 'Born To Lose You (Acoustic)'.

1. “The Melting of the Sun” - St. Vincent

When I listen to this song, it makes me feel like I’ve just entered a post-apocalyptic lounge, and St. Vincent and her band set the stage. I love the lyrics, unexpected instrumentation and the grating backing vocals; it’s super experimental and I’m here for it. I’ve loved St. Vincent ever since I heard one of her first singles, “Digital Witness,” then fell in LOVE with her album MASSEDUCTION (2017), and Daddy’s Home (2021) didn’t disappoint. I love every listen.

2. “It’s Gonna Be Lonely” - Prince

Any of my friends would tell you, if I’ve been in the car with you long enough, I will throw this song on and I will belt out all of the ending vocals with everything in me. I’m a huge Prince fan, and I discovered this song after I fell in love with all of his big hits, did some digging, and listened to his first album, Prince (1979). There’s just something so visceral about this song, the acceptance of how “lonely” he would be if he ends a long-term relationship. It’s so relatable and so 80’s and I just love it. The whole album is a worthy listen.

3. “I’m Writing a Novel” - Father John Misty

I love how unserious this song is. But… I think it's also a lyrical masterpiece. The lyrics satirize the music-industry-celebrity in such a snarky, funny way while maintaining a serious groove. It’s hard to describe the deeper meaning of why I like this song, I just never skip it when it comes on shuffle.

4. “Make A Smile For Me” - Bill Withers

Bill Withers is my all-time favorite songwriter by a landslide. He never seemed to overthink anything. He just said exactly what was on his heart, in the moment, always. Of course, you know that because I’m sure you love songs like “Ain’t No Sunshine,” “Grandma’s Hands,” “Lean On Me,” and “Use Me.” I love those songs too, I love all of his songs, but this one hits me in all the right spots. When I’m feeling down I put this on. The meaning is simple, the lyrics are healing, and the arrangement is just beautiful.

5. “From The Morning” - Nick Drake

One very important fact about me is I will preach the good word of Nick Drake to any willing ears. His music was there for me during some really rough times, and I believe that if you like poetry and art, you will love his music. This song hosts some of my favorite lyrics of his, and I love this whole album, Pink Moon (1972), because it’s just him and his signature finger-style guitar playing.

Watch the new video for Carmela's acoustic single 'Born To Lose You':



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