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5 Songs I Love w/ Charlie Mat

Following the release of Charlie Mat's new single 'The Little Birdies', we wanted to find out more about the rising star's favourite music and why! Check out his hand picked selection below and if you're a fan be sure to save 'The Little Birdies' to your playlist!

Beyoncé - PURE/HONEY

I could easily choose 5 songs out of this album, but the first time i listened to the whole album this one was my absolute favourites. ‘’It should cost a billion to look this Good’’ Beyoncé always manages to boost my confidence and make every single one of my dark days a bright one. As an artist i really want to make people feel the same way Beyoncé makes me feel. Empowered, Proud, Loved and Confident.

Summer Walker - No Love (ft. SZA)

I waited too long for this duo to happen and it became one of my favourite songs ever. SZA my scorpio sis just never disappoints me and Summer Walker's album is out of this world. The definition of Good R&B.

Muni Long – Time Machine

I have been obsessed with Miss Muni Long from the first time I heard this song. The lyrics, the

vocals, the production. I really hope she performs this song live cause it is everything. “When a situation so bad that if you stay it’s disrespectful “ my soul really felt that for real. How many of us have been in that situation for real.

Äyanna - Party Tricks

I really enjoy when an artists has such a delicacy with their vocals and they paint the song with really good harmonies. This is the case with Party Tricks, this song has just so much texture to it. The lyrics, the beat, the video and the vibe. Miss Äyanna, this song is a ten out of ten.

H.E.R. - Hard Place

This song has a very special place in my heart since it is a song i used to listen with my best friend when we lived in the same city. I love H.E.R, her music its just flawless all the time. I really enjoy when an artist writes her own songs cause it makes me connect with them on a personal level. This song gets me on my feelings since it is a situation I've been in.

Listen to 'The Little Birdies' below:



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