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5 Songs I Love w/ Chen Ron

Following the release of his soulful single 'Stay', we caught up with prodigious musician Chen Ron to find out more about the music he loves and why! Check out his selection below and if you're a fan, you're sure to love 'Stay'.

1. Anderson.Paak - Heart Don't Stand A Chance

Anderson .Paak is one of my favorites for sure! In this song I really enjoyed the groove and the instrumentations. I used to listen to hip hop a lot growing up, Most of the time the music was very repetitive and without a lot of live instruments (which has its own magic).

AP changed it for me with his album Malibu that in my opinion, gave Hip Hop a whole new and refreshing vibes.

2.Masego - Navajo

Masego has such a great flow to his singing and I think that this fact, combined with such well crafted sample chopes and beat, created an amazing song.

Like AP, Masego also brought this new vibe to Hip Hop, making these semi-rap, semi-singing type vocals that I really enjoy.

3. Robert Glasper ft. H.E.R - Better Than I Imagined

I love jazz music, from old stuff to more modern. Robert Glasper makes the perfect combination between modern jazz and hip hop/ rnb. In this song, he featured one of the best voices today - H.E.R. The production in this song is amazing, So many layers of vocals with such mellow piano licks. This is exactly my type of music.

4. Reuben James - My Line

This song is less familiar but I think it absolutely needs to be! AMAZING production in this one, the backing vocals are amazing, saxophone basically all over the place but at the same time creates such a cool vibe and of course lyrics and singing are so on point. Love this one.

5. Kendrick Lamar - Now or Never

This song is such a great song, every time I play it I just feel like dancing. I love the message in this song, Every time I need motivation this is my go to song. I actually first heard this song while playing NBA 2K14, So big thanks to them for choosing it.

Listen to 'Stay' below:

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