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5 Songs I Love w/ D.White

Ohio-based hip-hop artist, D.White, has once again captivated audiences with his latest release, "Big Dreams", a poignant exploration of navigating through the challenges of a deteriorating relationship. Following the success of his recent Mammon EP, "Big Dreams" is a testament to the artist's storytelling prowess.

Set against a backdrop of moody production with both bright highs and melancholic lows, "Big Dreams" serves as a metaphor for the relentless pursuit of one's aspirations. D.White seamlessly weaves his lyrical prowess throughout the track, creating an immersive sonic experience that will resonate with fans of Kid Laroi, KYLE, Yatta Bandz and Eli Sostre.

With such great musical talents, we wanted to delve into the music D.White listens to. Here are 5 songs he loves and why...

J Hus feat. Jorja Smith – "Nice Body"

“I’m tryna read your body language every time you’re silent" is one of those lines that gives this song instant replay value for me. Candid storytelling matched with compelling vocals is what keeps this song in my AirPods on nearly a daily basis. I really appreciate how this song feels like a conversation between two people sharing perspectives about why they care about each other while also unearthing the broken parts of themselves that make it difficult to receive that love. It is rare that I find a song that I wish I wrote, but this is one of those for sure.

Teezo Touchdown – "UUHH"

When this song first starts, you’d never expect what happens once it gets to the chorus. I find this song to be extremely creative and sonically innovative. It blends genres from the production side and the vocals with rock drums and sweeping R&B melodies. It’s genius because the song can crossover to reach audiences who are used to hearing one or the other, but come to find out they like both. In a world where there is so much music, I think having multiple entry points to access your art is important. This song in particular does a phenomenal job of that.

Tyla feat. Travis Scott – "Water (Remix)"

I was already playing the original song on repeat before she threw on one of my favorite artists for the remix. This song feels like water. It’s such a vibe for any time of the day. I like to listen to it in the morning when I am getting my mindset right for the day. The lyrics are impactful in that water is essential to life so “make me water” is whew…powerful. There are a lot of good songs, but great songwriting stands above in my library always. If for some reason you haven’t checked this one out, I would highly recommend doing so.

Lauren Sanderson feat. PNB Rock – "Written in the Stars"

On a personal level, this song has got me through a lot of tough times. It is one thing to feel like a song speaks to you, but another when the song speaks for you. When I hear PNB Rock’s verse, it seems too familiar to just be music. The message at the end of this song is not to ever give up on yourself, and I have needed to tell myself that over and over in life. When I don’t have the words to say it to myself, I put this song on and focus the words while I re-centre.

Snoh Aalegra – "I Want You Around"

Easily the most played song in my phone. It makes me feel good. It makes me want to bounce around and vibe. It makes me want to call my friends and see what’s up. Music should move you and this song has an infectious positive energy that comes through each play. If you ever feel unwanted or unappreciated, throw this song on and remind yourself that you are valuable. I communicate to myself and others with music so I am never ashamed to play the perfect song for any moment - good or bad.

Listen to D.White's new single, "Big Dreams", below:

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