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  • Alice Smith

5 Songs I Love w/ DADDY DRWG

Following the release of his debut album 'A Tree Called Happy' we caught up with rock artist DADDY DRWG to find out more about what goes into his eclectic sound, if you enjoy DADDY DRWG's picks be sure to check out 'A Tree Called Happy' at the end of the article.

1. The Upswing - Bell X1

"This is a great example of Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly’ algorithm working as it should. I  instantly loved this song the moment I heard it. I was sat in the garden in the summer with Spotify playing from the studio. It was a song that got me out of my seat and head to the studio to add it to my Favourite Tunes playlist straight away. The bass & drum groove is sublime. The vocal sits perfectly at the front of the mix with a great melody and the lyrics are really strong too. A perfectly crafted love song."

2. Golden Brown - The Stranglers

"I remember hearing this song as a child and it has always been one of my favourites throughout my life. There’s no other song quite like it. I didn’t come to find out the true meaning of the lyrics being about heroin until many years later. The waltzing time signature of 12/8 & 13/8 isn’t typically used in pop music. The floating guitar solo is a highlight. I also love the harpsichord riff, a phrase not often said this side of Johann  Sebastian Bach!" 

3. 4am - Cherry Ghost

"I think ‘There ain’t no hiding place on Earth, that loneliness ain’t been first’ is such an insightful lyric to describe heartbreak, loneliness and longing. The song itself is really upbeat with a tight rhythm and guitar line but the melody and lyrics weave a sad story. I  regularly wake in the early hours and I often look at my clock and think ‘Ah 4am, we meet again! with a wry grin or roll of the eyes. This song will dance across my brain and  I’ll try to get back to sleep. I was lucky enough to see Cherry Ghost live at Festival  Number 6 in Portmeirion, North Wales. My wife and I were sat next to an outdoor swimming pool, feet cooling in the water, glass of wine in hand, at sunset, whilst Cherry  Ghost played 4am. Bliss!"

4. Pigs (Three Different Ones) - Pink Floyd

"This track is from my favourite album of all time, Animals by Pink Floyd. Roger Waters’ bass playing on this is fantastic. The Orwellian lyrics delivered with pinpoint sarcasm by  Waters packs the requisite punch. Dave Gilmour’s use of reverb & delay on the guitars

adds many layers and depth both on the rhythm parts and lead. The solo is especially expressive and his string bends scream! I love all 11 ½ minutes of it. "

5. Object - Ween

"Everyone has that one song they like to belt out A Cappella or sing along to when it comes on late at night after one too many sherberts in ignorant bliss of who happens to be in earshot. For me, it’s Object by Ween. I love the faux crooner vocal delivering such  lines as ‘You’re just an object to me, I’d like to get to know you better, paste you across my body’ and ‘You’re just a piece of meat and I am the butcher’. On paper that sounds horrendous but when heard in the context of the song, it comes across as rather sweet.  I’ve never been one for covers, listening to or playing them myself, but this is one of the songs I wish I’d written so I decided to record my own version for the album A Tree  Called Happy. I haven’t veered too far from the original but I like to think I put my stamp on it enough to be different, and hopefully do it justice. I especially enjoyed recording the guitar solo. In fact, I recorded the solo twice, panned them left & right and played with harmonising certain aspects. It’s a song that displays a dark humour, emotive lyricism and fearless enjoyment of taboo subject matter. Definitely up my street."

Listen to DADDY DRWG 'A Tree Called Happy'


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