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5 Songs I Love w/ Daniel Etherton

Following the release of his artistic pop tune 'Mona Lisa', we caught up with Daniel Etherton to find out more about the music he loves and why. Check out his hand picked selection below as well as the lyric video for 'Mona Lisa'!

1. Fred again.. - Nathan (varner road)

Fred's Piano Live series is heart-yearning, it's hard to pick out just one track. There's this feeling of nostalgia the song evokes but I don't even know what of - it's peaceful, beautiful, quite reflective with a dash of inspiration.

2. Josef - Blue Car

"Remember when I said I'd die for you the night the sky drained all the blue? But dying would be easier than ever loving you"

Song-writing has always been at the forefront of it all. Josef's vunerability permeates all the songs in 'Permanent Damage', the album is quality. These lines in particular keep on whirling round in my head just how tragic but also beautiful they are, too. Sharing his personal backstories in a soulful pop song.

3. Asa - Mayana

There's not one bad track she's released and Mayana's been playing on repeat lately. Asa straddles a strong singer-songwriter style infused with catchy afrobeats and pop sensibilities. Can't help but groove to it.

4. Lizzie Esau - What If I Just Kept Driving

Pop bop rock filled with artistic expression, clever lyrics and gorgeous vocal tonality.

5. Florence + The Machine, Dizzie Rascal - You've Got The Dirtee Love

An iconic moment in pop culture, 2010 Brit Awards.

Watch the video below:

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