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5 Songs I Love w/ Deja Renee

Earlier this month, R&B/pop artist Deja Renee released her latest single, "Starting Over." The upbeat, catchy track focuses on the mixed emotions of moving into a new phase of life, while emphasizing the importance of optimism. Her upcoming EP of the same name has similar themes and sounds to the likes of Tori Kelly and Ariana Grande.

We sat down with Deja Renee to discuss some of her favorite tracks, and how they have influenced her!

1. "Paper Hearts" - Tori Kelly

"It is just so beautifully written. Beautiful melodies, guitar, and singer. To this day I have not heard a song that is just so beautiful."

2. "Obvious" - Ariana Grande

"I mean I could literally say every Ariana Grande song, and it was VERY hard to pick just one. But this is my perfect mix of pop trap that inspires the type of music I want to do."

3. "Starfall" - Illenium

"This is the intro song to his recent album Illenium and when I hear this, I swear I have never heard such a perfect intro song to an album. It’s literally perfect."

4. "Good Thing" - Zedd and Kehlani

"There are so many underrated, less talked about Zedd songs I could have named, but I chose this one because the message of being good on your own is great for anyone to hear."

5. "I Wish" - Stevie Wonder

"This is hands down my favorite Stevie Wonder song. I can get DOWN and sing this song."

"Starting Over" is available across streaming platforms.

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