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5 Songs I Love w/ Deuxes

Following the release of their brand new single 'Trombone', we caught up with genre-defying duo Deuxes to find out more about the music they love and why! Check out their eclectic selection below as well as the new music video for 'Trombone'.

1. Missy Elliot - Hot Boyz

Not only is Missy Elliott the voice of the 90’s baby generation. She’s an artist that always has fun with her music and doesn’t take herself too seriously which can be seen in a lot of her music videos throughout the 2000’s. We love this song because its sexy, soulful and really shows off how dynamic Missy is as an artist.

2. Erica Badu - Bag Lady

This song is just a classic and is everything you would want out of a neo-soul tune. The message of the song is timeless and really illustrates how materialism can slow you down and is ultimately detrimental. We really love the way each instrument and vocal harmony has its own space in the track allowing you to hear every single element. The separation of each sound was definitely something we wanted to carry through to our song Trombone.

3. Amy Winehouse - You Sent Me Flying / Cherry

We can’t have a favourite songs list without including Amy Winehouse. This one in particular we could play on repeat. We love how frank and honest Amy is in all of her songwriting; she really gives you an insight into the experience and exploits of a young female from London which is super relatable for us. In addition, The B-side on this track ‘Cherry’ is every songwriters reality; the intimate relationship that we have with our instruments can sometimes supercede the ones we have with real people.

4. Arctic Monkeys - Knee Socks

Another fabulous homegrown band. The Arctic Monkeys have always given a voice to life up north, giving us all an inside look into intimate but common aspects of their world; a theme we love throughout a lot of our favourite tracks from them. The way the guitar growls in this song in particular is just perfection. We love everything about the way this song is composed, and as usual, Alex Turner paints a perfect picture with his words of the scene and vibe of a lived experience.

5. Muse - Plug In Baby

We were super obsessed with muse through our teenage years and this song was actually one of the first we learnt to play together on the bass and guitar because of the delectable guitar solo and bold bass line. We love where Matt goes vocally, from whispering verses to shouting choruses. This song really speaks to the use of your chosen instrument as a coping mechanism, and a weapon of choice in an unforgiving world, a theme we mirror in Trombone.

Watch the music video for 'Trombone' below:

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