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5 Songs I Love w/ Dilly Cooner

Dilly Cooner has taken the singer-songwriter world by storm with her breakout hit "Over Easy." Now, she is launching the next phase of her career with "Lovin' You," a nostalgic and tragically sweet track about mixed Valentine's Day reflections. The Vancouver artist's warm vocals and reflective lyricism make her shine.

We sat down with Cooner to discuss some of her biggest inspirations, and exactly why she loves them!


1. "Ex-Factor" - Lauryn Hill

"It is no doubt in anyone's mind that Lauryn Hill is a legend in her space. This song inspires me in so many ways, from the deep truth behind the lyrics to the soulful delivery to the arrangement itself. It's one of those songs that I continuously find new pearls in each time that I listen to it."

2. "Redemption Song" - Bob Marley

"I have core memories of listening to Bob Marley in the car on the way to school with my Dad and younger brother. I first heard this song as a young children and remember my Dad explaining the significance of the lyrics and what it meant to be oppressed, what it meant to be free, and what it meant to resist. Although I was too young to grasp the full scope of what the song conveys, I was not too young to feel the emotion that it stirs up. To me, his song demonstrates music's ability to heal, rise up to injustice, and communicate the most difficult of emotions."

3. "Dive" - Olivia Dean

"Olivia Dean is a phenomenal artist and I adore her entire discography, but this song sticks out to me as something incredibly special. Not only do I love the sentiment of the lyrics, but the fun that she has with the arrangement from the horns to the keys to the drums gives it an edge that makes you want to both dance and contemplate diving unabashedly into love."

4. "In Agreement" - Lizzy McAlpine

"This song demonstrates that sometimes less really is more. In my opinion, Lizzy McAlpine has mastered the art of telling a story with just a guitar and vocals, especially in this song. She lets listeners into her world so easily, sharing relatable, human experiences that we can all find ourselves in."

5. "Strawberry Wine" - Noah Kahan

"In my opinion, this song is genius. The lyric, '...If I was empty space and you were a formless shape,/ maybe we'd fit,' both plagues and inspires my everyday life. The concepts discussed in this song are profound, difficult, tragic, beautiful, and somehow encompass everything in between."

"Lovin' You" is available across streaming platforms.

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