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5 Songs I Love W/ Elandra

Brighton based quartet Elandra have just released their self titled debt EP - A sonic journey through elements of indie, psychedelic rock and some vibrant and ethereal melodies. Dappled with vibrant analogue synth, and moments which verge towards alt-rock, the EP showcases a variety of ideas and influences.

Fronted by Italian-born Paolo Siviero, the bands main writer and the driving force behind the band, Elandra's sound intrigued us and we wanted to know more about what they listen to. We caught up with Paulo to run us through five of his all time faves:

Tame Impala - Borderline

Tame Impala being the main inspiration of our soundscape, this track is what inspired "This City Is Not For Me", as I was drawn to try out for the first time using an bass synthesiser for the track. Of course, I also loved the grooviness, the block harmonies in the back, the use of falsetto as the main vocal choice and the experimental songwriting of it.

Donna Summer - I Feel Love

This one inspired the melody for the track "I don't know". I was running on that day, and I thought about writing a song that starts with a riff. The riff popped up somehow, and I thought about doing a descending vocal melody as the one in the verses of this tune. Of course, this song is not the only influence: I would include Temples for the eastern inspired soundscape, harmonies in the back and guitar works. 

Washed Out - Feel It All Around

The soundscape, the vibe, the conga hooks have all been great inspiration for "Maybe One More Time". I really wanted to create a song that had a suspended vibe, similar to how they've been able to convey it in this song. I love the shimmery synths, the laid back vocals sounds. Maybe One More Time is like this song and "My kind of woman" by Mac Demarco had a child.

Mind Mischief - Tame Impala

I can remember this one being specifically the inspiration for the guitar riff at the end of "Thousand Steps", very dreamy, descending, in the back but still an important part of the song, as it's happening in Mind Mischief by the end. Tame Impala's way of structuring songs has always caught my interest quite a bit, as they break the rules in so many different ways. It makes each one of their songs timeless in a way.

Temples - Test of Time

I can't finish this list without mentioning at least of Temples song. They've been my inspiration for years now, with this being my favourite album of all of the ones they recorded. Just marvellous songwriting, beautiful top-lines, catchy fuzzy riffs, a real psychedelic rock pearl.

Listen to the new EP below:


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