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5 Songs I Love w/ Elijsha

Following the release of her new single 'All Too Much', we caught up with rising star Elijsha to find out more about the music she loves and why. Check out her selection below and if you're a fan you're sure to love her stunning new single 'All Too Much'!

1. Right Where You Left Me - Taylor Swift

I have known Taylor is a lyrical/story telling genius but this IS IT. Right where you left me is easily one my favourite pieces of song writing, it’s incredible! You are almost frozen in that moment with her. You are pushed and pulled between the expectation and reality of heartbreak, loss and grief and understand the imagery spoken of without all detail being explained. 2. Beige - Yoke Lore

Each time I listen to this song, I'm transported to another place - mountains, views, landscapes! It's just happiness and quirky and I just love it! 3. Speak Now by Taylor Swift

I just love how this song is a spin off the common wedding phrase. So clever! It adds a tangible story to that statement that god-forbid anyone actually take up. How awkward would that really be in real life! But I guess that's why I love this song even more - you feel all of that as you hear it out. 4. 30,000 Feet by Ben Rector

I love this song for the story it tells. It's easy to become focused on your own life and think you're the only one experiencing the things that you are but this song is a reminder that there's people who have gone before you, are in it with you and will come after you that will know what it's like to feel these same things & the good that life does have to offer. Further from the story told, I love the little sounds added to the instrumentation. They add a childlike wonder but in the same breath maturity-of-growing-up sound to the song. It's a beautiful juxtaposition. 5. The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

This song is chaotic... it makes you feel chaotic. It's a positive vibe wrapped in instruments. I love even more that it's hard rock but a positive message because that in itself (accompanied by this particular musical structure) can be an oxymoron!

Listen to 'All Too Much' below:


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