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5 Songs I Love w/ Elise Go

With her latest single 'Lonelier with You' currently dazzling us from start to finish, we decided that it would be a perfect time to sit down with emerging LA-based singer and songwriter Elise Go to find out which five songs she loves more than any other and how they have influenced her sound over the years.


Thriller - Michael Jackson

Just in time for Spooky Season! I'm a huge fan of Quincy Jones' productions, and the fact that this song can stand the test of time after 38 years is incredible. I aspire to build songs and tell stories like him, Michael, and Rod Temperton! 

In My Bones (feat. Kimbra & Tank and The Bangas) - Jacob Collier

LOVE the wacky, whimsical nature of this song! The fact that Jacob can funk this hard at 129bpm is WILD. Kimbra's vocal texture and Tank and The Bangas frenetic flow really bring a quirky liveliness to this cRazY track!

Hallucinate - Dua Lipa

Future Nostalgia is such a solid body of work. I love the modal melody and Jamiroquai-esque production (another inspiration of mine)!

as long as you care - Ruel

Ruel's vocal cuts so beautifully through the throwback production, giving me Lenny Kravitz "It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over" vibes in the best way possible. Ruel's artistry is so mature for his age, and he straddles soulful, old school production with pop melodies so gracefully. 

Girlfriend - Charlie Puth

One of my personal heroes...I dig this production so much. I love the 80s Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight" drum machines and Prince synths. Despite all the throwback elements, Charlie manages to make this song sound current with its über-catchy melodies.


Listen to Elise Go's choices and hear her latest single 'Lonelier with You' below.


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