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5 Songs I Love w/ Emma Rae

Ever looked at the younger generation and wondered what the heck is going on? Emma Rae addresses this confusion and frustration in her epic new single 'Kids These Days'. Flaunting witty lyrics and a powerful performance, Emma Rae is proving to be one of the most interesting artists we've heard in the rising pop-rock sphere.

To find out more about Emma Rae, we've asked her to share 5 of her favourite songs right now and why. Check out her selection below and don't forget to listen to and save her anthemic new track 'Kids These Days'!

1. VIEWS - Against the Machine (feat. ROUSSO) - Noga Erez

Ahhhh! I absolutely love when I hear trombones in pop music! I'm a trombone player and it always makes me so happy when I hear a real horn section in pop music, rather than the synthetic processed horns you usually hear. This song by Noga Erez really showcases the cool stuff you can do when you have a real horn section, especially trombones. 'VIEWS' is such a vibe and I am fully here for it

2. reckless driving (feat. Ben Kessler) - Lizzie McAlpine

When I first heard this song I was stunned into silence. It's one of those slow burns that spirals into such chaos by the end that you have to immediately relisten to actually understand what you heard. The lyrics are INCREDIBLE and it's one of those songs that made me think "Dang! I wish I wrote that!". It's songwriter goals for sure. I probably listened to this five hundred times in the first week I heard it, it's just that good.

3. argyle - brakence

This song is allllllll the emotions. The lyrics are so raw that you almost don't even realize how dark it really is. I was originally drawn to the vocals and lyrics, but the guitar part is so tasty that it's hard to ignore. It's so impressive when artists are able to create music that sounds happy while being deceptively depressing. Brakence achieved that and so much more and I literally cannot stop listening.

4. Stay - Disperse

Okay. If you like songs that are an absolute WALL OF SOUND that give you chills on your entire body - this is for you. The chorus blows me away. Every. Single. Time. No matter how many times I listen to this I can't get sick of it. The writing is absolutely phenomenal. The way the guitars are arranged make it sound so explosive that it makes my bones shake inside my body. If you're someone who is trying to get into metal music, this is a great intro to metal. It's one of those songs that is really really hard not to like.

5. Wouldn't Come Back - Trousdale

Beautiful. The harmonies are everything. When I heard this song for the first time I really enjoyed it, then the bridge happened and my jaw was on the floor. The lyrics are sweet and beautiful, but you really don't get the full picture of the song unless you listen to it in its entirety. The way Trousdale is able to make you feel such intense emotions with harmonies alone is amazing. Chills.

Listen to 'Kids These Days' by Emma Rae below:


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