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5 Songs I Love w/ ENTITY

Following the release of her brans new EP '4 years and a hangover', we caught up with rising singer-songwriter ENTITY to find out more about the music she loves and why. Check out ENTITY's selection below and be sure to listen to the new EP which is out now!

1. The Balcony Scene by Pierce the Veil

This band holds a special place in my heart as one of my all-time favorites. Choosing just one song is a challenge because every track they create is truly incredible. It all started with this particular song, and from that moment, I was captivated. Upon further exploration, I discovered that the band members share a Mexican-American background, which created a beautiful connection for me as I share the same heritage. Their lyrics resonate deeply with me as I strive to weave storytelling into my own music, and their songs truly feel like poetic masterpieces. As a music theory nerd, I find immense joy in the harmonic minor scales and the hints of mariachi guitar chords they incorporate, evoking nostalgic memories of my childhood. I could talk endlessly about how this band has been an inspiration for me. My ultimate dream is to collaborate with PTV, and I am actively manifesting this possibility!

2. This Ain't No Place For Animals by Hands Like Houses

Another beloved band of mine, where narrowing down a single favorite song is quite impossible, however, each time I listen to this particular track, an electrifying sensation runs through me. The production elements within this song serve as a profound inspiration. The way they seamlessly blend rock, pop, and electronic genres is precisely the direction I aspire to explore in my own musical journey. Trenton Woodley's distinct tonality captures the essence of my teenage years, as I gravitated towards male vocalists with a soaring tenor range. Discovering this band during my youthful and lovesick days stirs up a bittersweet wave of memories, yet their music continues to provide me with a sense of comfort. Not to mention, the music video gives me spooky vibes and I'm all about that. I will always love this band, especially since their music has evolved into genres that I can see myself featured on...wink wink.

3. If You Can't Hang by Sleeping With Sirens

When it comes to male vocalists with amazing talent, I shamelessly admit that Kellin Quinn's vocal range surpasses mine. Countless attempts have been made in my car to hit these exhilarating high notes. As a vocalist, I hold Kellin in the highest regard, marveling at his spectacular range and the phenomenal melodic structures he creates. This song introduced me to the Sleeping With Sirens era, and I have no regrets. The playful yet impactful drum patterns and guitar riffs breathe life into my artistic endeavors, serving as an everlasting antidote. Let's not forget how irresistibly catchy this song is—it lives rent free in my head. Kellin, your talent is truly miraculous!

4. Misguided Ghosts by Paramore

This particular track unveiled a fresh side of Paramore that took me by surprise. Hayley Williams' vocal range has always left me in awe, but this acoustic ballad pushed my admiration even further, making me wonder, "Is there anything this girl CAN'T sing?!" The simplicity of the production adds an elegant and soothing touch to the song. In fact, it inspired one of my own compositions, "One day I went for a walk," as I aim to create music that reflects my singer/songwriter roots. Following in the footsteps of Paramore, who have rightfully earned their legendary status, I aspire to become a household name in the industry.

5. The Island (Dawn & Dusk) by Pendulum

And last but certainly not least, we have "The Island." In my humble opinion, this song is an icon in its own right. I was around 18 years old and introduced to rave culture when I first heard this song. The sheer nostalgia that washes over me whenever I listen to this track is indescribable. The production itself is unlike anything I had ever experienced before. It effortlessly paints a tapestry of ethereal and dystopian vibes, while Rob Swire's velvety yet commanding vocals add another layer of beauty to the picture. What truly sets this song apart is its duality—two distinct parts that coexist in perfect harmony. "Dawn" gives us vocals, while "Dusk" unleashes a storm of drum and bass fused with dubstep. When Pendulum plays this live, they utilize guitars, drums and other electronic instruments, which resonates deeply with my rock roots. I aspire to one day offer my own interpretation to this cherished gem.

Listen to ENTITY's new EP '4 years and a hangover' below:

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