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5 Songs I Love w/ Evan De Roeper

Alt-pop artist Evan De Roeper today releases his new EP 'Lavender'. Featuring thoughtful r&b tinged tracks such as 'Midnight Drive', Evan showcases his unique artistry and blend of many inspirations. Evan has shared with us 5 songs he loves and why, so check out his picks and if you're a fan of these tracks you'll be sure to love his new material!

1. Chopin - Nocturne No. 20 in C Sharp Minor

My musical upbringing started with the Piano so it’s only natural that I would have a Piano piece on here. I don’t remember where I came across this one. However, I find this Nocturne to be amazing. Whenever I listen to it, my mind paints this picture of the pianist in a moonlit field and I can’t help but be in awe and take every note in. It’s surprising how one instrument can create this.

2. DC, Knucks - Bobby & Rowdy

Got to give credit to Youtube for this one. I had a mix playing while I was cooking so that music filled the silence and this came on. I immediately stopped what I was doing, turned up the volume and watched the video. It had my undivided attention. I always bop my head along to this track and the beat on this is phenomenal. I believe TobiShyBoy produced this and he made something so nostalgic and vibey! On top of that, the hook is an earworm.

3. Frank Ocean - Swim Good

One day I woke up in the car and this was playing. I only caught the end of it. so when I was able to I searched through every Frank Ocean song till I heard it again. This brought two things. Firstly, by having a crash course in Frank Ocean, I became a big fan and secondly, I found ‘Swim Good’ again. That driving drum beat, the simple yet efficient bass line and those powerful keys topped off by a memorable vocal melody. Safe to say, I spent a lot of time listening to this track while I was out traveling with headphones on.

4. Gackt - Tsuki No Uta

Gackt is one of my all time favourite artists. He is a japanese rock singer so I don’t understand what he is saying but that doesn't really matter. Music is universal and breaks any language barrier. I find this song in particular to be very intimate. There’s minimal production: acoustic guitar, strings and vocals. I find the vocal phrase from 2:51-3:20 to be breathtaking. I strive to improve my vocal ability to get anywhere near this.

5. The Weeknd - Wanderlust

No idea why this song or even the ‘Kiss Land’ album isn’t talked about more. It’s full of bangers! This one sticks out from the tracklist for me though. I love rock music! I will produce a project that incorporates rock elements some day and safe to say, I will be looking at this song more and more as time goes on. It starts with these arpeggios and one compelling guitar melody. From there it explodes with everything else in the instrumental for a funky groove. DannyBoyStyles, DaHeala and The Weeknd really made something outstanding together. Finally, The Weeknd’s dynamic vocals brings the whole track home.

Check out the 'Lavender' EP by Evan De Roeper OUT NOW



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