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5 Songs I Love w/ Fo Daniels

Fo Daniels is an authentic rock and roll project bursting with influences across the board. We caught up with Fo Daniels to find out more about the music he loves and why. If you're a fan of the tracks below, be sure to check out the new album 'Imitation Roses' along with the captivating music video for stand out single 'Summers Past'

1. Sweet Little Angel - BB King (Live at The Regal, 1964)

This particular track was my bible for learning how to play blues guitar, and opened the door to the genre for me, which then in turn helped me understand the origins and inspirations behind all my favorite rock music. BB is really so slick in this performance, and the way the audience responds to the band’s swells in dynamics makes you feel like you’re in that crowd back in 1964. Impeccable singing, perfectly economic and colorful guitar playing. Never too much or too little, it’s just right. All around an A1 track. 2. Crush - Dave Matthews Band

The first band I ever got really into was Dave Matthews Band, and this was the song that stuck with me most. I have vivid memories of hearing it on the radio as a kid, in the kitchen, in the car, etc. Its still one of my favorite songs ever because I feel that it's got all the elements of a great song- fantastic and evocative lyrics, intricate instrumentals, crisp production, and a totally unique sound. It’s got to be one of the sexiest songs ever written. It just makes you want to fall in love. 3. Tattoos - Tyler Childers

Tyler Childers is so raw and authentic, with poignant writing and powerful singing. I remember when I heard his music for the first time, I thought it sounded like Kurt Cobain singing country. So intense and honest this is exactly what good country music does: tell a story that feels so real you can’t help but listen again. Fans - Kings of Leon

I absolutely love me some early Kings of Leon. It’s amazing how much good music they put out before they because hugely famous, and how young they were. Theres that spirit of youth and edginess in this record, and the lyrics are amazing too. The texture of the two guitars feels incredible and Caleb's voice is conveys both confidence and pain. This is what rock music should sound like. 5. Midnight Train to Georgia- Gladys Knight and the Pips

You can’t sleep on Motown/soul. The tightness of this band and the way Gladys and her backup singers weave their voices together over the groove is so timeless. Add some great songwriting and storytelling over top of that, and you’ve got an unbelievable record. If you can listen to this track start to finish without feeling something, congratulations- you’re a robot.

Watch the music video for 'Summers Past':

Stream the full-length album 'Imitation Roses':

Find out more from Fo Daniels on Facebook.

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