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5 Songs I Love w/ FrenchW

Born and raised in Bangkok, London based artist FrenchW creates music to make sense of the world around him. With inspirations ranging from LANY, Lauv and Ed Sheeran, his latest release "No Subject" is a candid approach on the current state of affairs.

“It's very tiring for me to feel this way because you can do nothing about it. Hence, the reason I made this song. I used a sarcastic visual representation and tone to portray all the exhausting things we see everyday - corrupted politics, fake people, the toxic use of social media”.

Describing it is a "modern day satire", we asked FrenchW to give us 5 songs that have influenced him in his artistic journey. Tune in.

Frank Sinatra - My Way

This song was the track I chose to end my first gig with. It has a strong and powerful message. It definitely reminds me to do what I love to do and to keep going until there's nothing left in the tank. It's funny because I've been listening to it since I was a child and I'm still not tired of it. Although I'm pretty sure I didn't understand a word back then.

Ed Sheeran - Perfect

I personally think that this is Ed Sheeran's best song. Everything feels real to me. The song really makes you feel loved and moves you in a certain way that other songs can't. Production-wise, I also love the orchestra that he put in the song because it sounded full and really elegant, considering the song started off with an electric guitar only. 

Phum Viphurit - Lover Boy

I was asked if I wanted to be like Phum by my friend so I looked him up and found this gem. There's something cheeky in the song that I loved and found it quite unique. It's been on my playlist since day one. He's a great guy to look up to, considering we were born in the same city. What a way to support your fellow Thai artist! 

Eduardo Di Capua - O Sole Mio

I grew up training as a classical singer and this was my dream song to perform in a recital. I've spent countless days translating and learning the song to sing it in my final year of high school. I thought I'd hate it at the beginning but after understanding the artistic craft behind every single note, it makes me appreciate it even more. 

Bruno Mars - Versace On The Floor

This song is an absolute masterpiece in my opinion. The way the harmony progresses throughout the song is unbelievable. The melody moves you according to the lyrics as well. Then, you add Bruno's voice on top of it. It's like riding on your own yacht with all your favorite people and food next to you. Smooth!

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