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  • Alice Smith

5 Songs I Love W/ Gintsugi

Gintsugi has etched her presence onto the musical landscape with an artistry that transcends conventional boundaries. Singer, multi-instrumentalist (piano, electronics, guitar), and a producer of her own creations, Gintsugi delves deep into the recesses of her emotional self, straddling the delicate line between exposure and catharsis. The artist shared 5 songs that influenced her with us around the release of her new album, the beautiful "The Elephant in the Room".

1. Agnes Obel – The Curse

"The melancholy of Agnes Obel's compositions resonates a lot with me. What inspires me the most is the layered production of the vocals and the beautiful way she has of making all the different elements in the music dialogue with one another, without anyone dominating all the others. A very thoughtful, anti-star approach to songwriting as well, if you will. And of course I love the violins and cellos."

2. Placebo – My Sweet Prince

"There is something about every song of Placebo, the emotional vulnerability that is really what I always wanted to do with music. Also, if you strip it down of the electric guitars, many of their songs harmonic structure is oddly quite 'classical'; classical music is my background so I guess that's what I'm drowned to at times."

3. PJ Harvey – Rid of Me

"This is one of my favourite songs ever, the use of the voice and its rawness is mesmerising - and timeless. It's also a great lesson in how to convey an emotional state through repetition."

4. Jeff Buckley – You & I

"Haunting and beautiful piece of art by Jeff Buckley, to me this song goes so deep that it becomes a shamanic experience. The repetitive and suspended pattern of the instrumental transports you to another dimension. This is what I look for in music and hopefully I can sometimes achieve to create in some listeners. I love music that you can dive into and you find yourself elsewhere, the opposite of a distract and compulsive listen."

5. Nina Simone – Lilac Wine

"The piano and the voice of Nina Simone is just what I need at times. It's also a humbling reminder that the right groove, a piano with few other elements and a present and honest voice are enough to bring a great song to life."

Listen to Gintsugi's new album:

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