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5 Songs I Love w/ Heather Rice

Singer-songwriter Heather Rice has just released her delightful new single 'Now It's Out'. We caught up with Heather Rice to find out more about some of the artists and songs she loves and why. Check out Heather's selection below and be sure to also listen to and save 'Now It's Out'. More music from Heather Rice very soon...

"My Church" - Maren Morris

I really dig this song and especially the subject matter. Everybody feels faith differently and that's cool. Produced and cowritten by Busbee so you know it's fabulous. I liked this song so much that it really influenced "Now it's Out". The drums slap hard and it's one of those americana pop anthems that create a super chill and happy vibe.

"Call it Dreaming" - Iron and Wine

This song feels like a literal breath of fresh air to me. I love the arrangement and the way that the guitars feel like they are surrounding you. The lyrics are scrumptious. Sometimes when I play it in my car with the windows down it feels a little like flying.

"Till Forever Falls Apart" - Ashe &* FINNEAS

This is a new songs from Ashe and Finneas, but it sounds like it could have been written in the 1970's. It's got a classic folk feel with modern elements and sweet sentiment about male/female friendships. Love the feel and time signature as well.

"Song in my Head" - Madison Cunnigham

I can't GET this song out of my head. I always come back to it when I'm wanting something calming to listen to while I'm playing legos with my kids or doing the dishes. My background is in Jazz so I definitely feel kindred to Madison Cunningham. What a beautiful writer and artist! I could listen to her sing for hours not to mention her interesting harmony.

"Weatherman" - Eddie Benjamin

Been digging Weatherman lately. It's got such a positive thankful vibe about it and honestly being a grown up is so freaking hard sometimes I look for those tunes that really manifest sunshine. The lyrics are powerful and the chords tasty. "Go tell the weatherman I said, I want it sunny outside today." Yes, yes I do.

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