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5 Songs I Love w/ Her Dark Heaven

Following the release of their captivating new single 'Pray To Me', we chatted with alternative trio Her Dark Heaven to find out more about the songs they love and why. If you're a fan of the tracks below, you're sure to fall in love with their new single which you can check out below!

1. Not in Love - Crystal Castles

Specifically the version with Robert Smith from The Cure. This song was love at first sight for all of us. It's Nostalgic, yet upbeat feel, paired with huge synths, and Robert's unique and beautiful singing style makes it a team favorite. And oh boy, the lyrics, more than one can identify with them, as we all know, love doesn't always go the way we wanted, and sometimes... you end up realizing you are "Not in Love" after all hehe

2. The Art of Dying - Gojira

Everytime this song starts playing we can't help but go "ta da ta ta, ta da ta ta, tada ta ta..." along with it. Its intricate and complex drum groove immediately catched our ears for being so different. Ridiculously hard, with a visceral, almost tribal feel to it, The Art of Dying keeps upping the bet minute by minute. While listening, we all were thinking "This can't possibly get any heavier...OH nevermind". Brutal, just like we like it.

3. Innerbloom - Rufus du Sol

Bet this one takes y'all by surprise after the last two songs huh? But we gotta admit, we ain't always heavy, and sad. Sometimes a 9 minute electronic epic is all we want. And I can tell you this song is just THAT. When the big synth break starts at 5:46, it makes us want to be surrounded by lights and people, connect with our feelings, tune out our loud minds, and dance away when it drops. Rufus du Sol is definitely one of the bands that convinced us to continue exploring the electronic music realm and incorporate it in our music, so we owe them that.

4. Hysteria - Muse

A couple people said to us "you guys sound a lot like Muse", and immediately after, we unleashed our loudest fan girl scream. Matthew Bellamy is to us one of the most talented humans on the planet and we aspire to achieve what he along with Chris and Dominic created. Hysteria is poppy, yet heavy. With complex riffs, yet a simple and memorable song with a fantastic chorus. We actually would love to do a cover of this song live at some point.

5. My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade

To nobody's surprise. We all were kids when this dropped and even though now it's cool to be emo, back then we'd all be ashamed to admit this song was on repeat on our ipods (yup we are from that gen). To be honest, here we could fit any song by My Chemical Romance, so we chose the anthem. We all can agree on one thing, if the piano intro starts and you are not ready to sing along, we'll have some serious doubts about your music taste haha (not really, we don't judge but you get the point.)

Listen to Her Dark Heaven's new single 'Pray To Me' below:

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