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5 Songs I Love w/ IKONIK

New York Rockers IKONIK just released their second single 'Out Of Line', another brilliant example of the bands exciting, high-octane rock sound. Showcasing tight songwriting, pi-point instrumentation and the unexpected twist of the soulful vocals from lead singer Jayson Castor (son of funk, R&B, and soul musician Jimmy Castor), the track gives another taste of a band with bags of potential.

We were intrigued what music inspires the band so we caught up with Jayson to chat about 5 of his all times faves:

'She's got the Look' by Roxette This song really hits hard on all fronts. That late 80s early 90s driving sound just puts a smile on my face. The guitars and harmonic vocals are infectious. The groove is in the pocket the whole jam. Rest in Peace Marie Fredrickson, her IKONIK vocals and overall Bad Ass image will be loved forever.

'November Rain' by Guns & Roses One of the greatest Rock ballads of all time. When I first heard this song I was in middle school and my buddy played it for me afterschool. I was already a fan of G&R and planned on grabing the Use your Illusion double disc that weekend. We had a garage band and tried to play everything we loved. Fast forward to 2017 on the floor of METLIFE stadium with my brother Brett and Guns plays this song and it starts pouring Rain..OMG talk about an outer body experience. The chords, the lyrics, THE VIDEO, and ofcourse The Solo. Pure Magic on Wax.

'STAN' by EMINEM feat. Dido Cinematic is the first word that comes to mind. Another word that comes to mind is Genius. The track hits me SO Deep in my soul that I can't stop Knodding my Head throughout the entire song. Em spits the perfect picture that even without seeing the video, I feel like I see the images clearly. The original song by DIDO is so Dope as Is but this is just Epic. The Video was so well directed. Reminds me of when MTV actually played videos. I miss the old EMINEM.

'Lovesong' by The Cure Probably one of my Favorite songs of all time. My street skateboarding days. Driving Bass and tight Drums make perfect rhythm back drop. Nothing compares to that 80s synth sound and Robert Smith always delivers that Dark,Sad amazing vocal. This Song Never Gets Old. Stay Tuned for and IKONIK cover of this joint.

'Its Just Begun' by The Jimmy Castor Bunch Last but not least The Greatest Dance Song of All Time and happens to be written and performed by my father. The B-Boy Anthem, this song stands the test of time and is loved by generations. "Peace will come this world will rest, once we have togetherness." This is the ultimate groove. Pops was an innovator and a true individual. The sax intro is infectious and the multi genre track has everything you need to GET DOWN! #RIPDAD

Listen to the new single by IKONIK below:

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