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5 Songs I Love w/ J.K.B

Rising indie artist J.K.B recently released his captivating new single 'RUN'. We wanted to find out more about the music J.K.B loves and why, so check out his selection below as well as the new video for 'RUN'!

1. Fontaines D.C. - I Love You

I think this is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. The bridge is so haunting. It’s such an evocative ode to love; for a person, for a country, for life — and to anger, hate. It’s just so emotive. It’s a weird one, tears in the moshpit kind of vibe. I reckon it’s properly transcendent to see live.

So many amazing one liners on here too: “I love you like a penny loves the pocket of a priest/And I’ll love you till the grass around my gravestone is deceased”. PHWOAR!

2. Montell Fish - Talk 2 Me

This song inspired the writing & production of a song I’m releasing in a short while. I love the rawness, with all the guitar noise and the vocal takes not even comped properly.

The ‘T’ of the word ‘talk’ on the chorus is cut off — it’s like they just recorded it, arranged it, and said “fuck it, it’s done”. It doesn’t feel lazy. It feels like they recorded the song and realised it was perfect just as it is.

3. Kevin Abstract - Peach

“I’ll be your babydoll and your bodyguard” is such a beautiful sentiment. The desire to be everything for somebody reminds me of those early days of falling in love. I was also listening to this song a lot as I was falling in love with my girlfriend, so some good mems there.


The chaotic production on this really hits for me. It’s like bargain basement early-2000s Eurotrash, but really tastefully done, and so addictively poppy. That’s definitely one of the most pretentious things I’ve ever said. But I stand by it.

Also some really, really wholesome lyrics on this — “If I had to be stuck with anyone, I’m so happy it’s you”. 🫶🏼.

5. Wesley Joseph - MONSOON

Everything is so good on this. The melody on the hook is stupidly infectious, the lyrics are super visual and paint a really cool picture, the artwork is very striking and really adds to the atmosphere, the production is super forward-thinking and sounds modern but also kinda timeless. Just pure heat.

Always glad to see a fellow Brummie in London doing well too 🤘

Watch the music video for 'RUN' below:

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