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5 Songs I Love w/ Jacob Violet

Having just dropped his sleek new single 'Mixed Signs', we caught up with Jacob Violet to dig deep into the music he loves and why. Check out his selection below and if you're a fan, you're sure to love Jacob's vibe and his latest single.

1. Flume - Highest Building (feat. Oklou)

I’m low-key absolutely obsessed with data so all of these are based off my past 4 week listening data right now. I saw Flume perform this one at Coachella and was waiting for him to drop it since. Honestly one of the most refreshing albums as of late in my opinion. Just amazing production. The way the harsh choppy synths and vocal melodies blend so well is so satisfying to me. This one is an absolute earworm. 2. Lil Peep - the song they played (when i crashed into the wall)

I don’t think it’s any surprise to see Lil Peep on this list if you’ve heard my music. What I love about his Hell Boy tape is the dark atmospheric reese basses throughout it (I’m guessing this is all thanks to Nedarb, don’t quote me on that though). The emo vocals combined with the dark trap elements feels like it was made just for me. To be honest though, when I heard this album for the first time (this was way back in highschool, I mostly listened to instrumental music back then so I hope I don’t get flamed) the vocal mixing put me off, but once it was finally rereleased I fell in love. 3. Shrimp - this body means nothing to me

About a year ago I was really struggling with like, depression and anxiety. I remember my room looked like an absolute black hole, it was really bad. Anyways, that’s a bit of a tangent but this song was like my anthem around that time. The music video is beautiful too I would love to do something like this myself. I am curious as well, does anyone else get some King Krule vibes from this one? 4. Mura Masa - bbycakes (with Lil Uzi Vert, PinkPantheress, and Shygirl)

I won’t lie, I am a little sad that this one doesn’t have a music video. Mura Masa’s music videos are always so inspiring to me. To be fair I haven’t seen any from this album. Anyways, this one is so refreshing. I’m a huge Uzi and Mura Masa fan, and to see them on a track together was crazy. Uzi fits so good, and the production (as always) is so crisp, clean, and tight. It’s kinda of cool to see so much influence, from Trap, Hyperpop, and Drill (I hope that’s not just me). Mura is always so amazing about putting culture into his music. 5. Yung Lean & FKA twigs - Bliss

Like Mura Masa, Yung Lean always has such cool music videos. To be fair he has always be known for his aesthetic. When I saw this tracklist I was so surprised by some of the credits (twigs & Skrillex). This one has been on repeat since it came out. It’s so cool to see him really just making whatever he wants. The two together created an infectious song, and I’m so excited to see what he does next.

Watch the music video for 'Mixed Signs':

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