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5 Songs I Love w/ Jay-D

Just dropping his latest single "Lost My Way, up-and-coming UK rapper Jay-D wears his heart shamelessly on his sleeve. An astute analysis of his mental health, the track is uncompromising and brutally honest - raising awareness and challenging societal taboos.

Using his platform to encourage others to break free from the darkness, we asked Jay-D to select 5 songs that have influenced him the most. Tune in.

Talib Kweli – Get By

This was the first time I heard Kanye West produce and I fell in love with socially conscious rap.

Lupe Fiasco – Hip-Hop Saved My Life

This song rejects a materialistic lifestyle advocated by most hip-hop songs, and tells it how it really is.

Adema – Immortal

Adema was the first metal band that truly inspired me. Mark Chavez's rugged vocal tone really made me fall in love with metal.

J Dilla - Love feat. Pharoahe Monch

J Dilla put the soul into hip-hop.

Dark Lotus – Juggalo Family

This song is the very thing that the Juggalo community is about and what they stand for.


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