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5 Songs I Love w/ Jirias

What's the best way to find out more about someone? Snooping their playlists of course!

Hot on the heels of his latest album drop, we caught up with hip-hop artist Jirias to find out a little bit more about him and the music that inspires him. Check out Jirias' new record 'Dutiful Watch to the Seasonal Zephyr' at the end - especially if you're a fan of any of the tracks Jirias mentions in this feature!

1. I Found My Smile Again - D'Angelo

D'Angelo is an artist with such an incredible catalogue it's hard to pick one song. This song came to mind because, to this day, a listen-through will always improve my mood and get me singing. Singing along to powerful music makes me the happiest in life. I learned to hit those high notes on any of my recent tracks by emulating D'Angelo on this track and others. I would repeat certain parts till I could match the pitch. A song I have on repeat to make sure my vocal chops are always on point.

2. My One and Only Love - John Coltrane

My first music love was jazz saxophone, and this song reaches out to me decades after it was originally recorded. This song gives you a timeless feeling of romance, love, devotion, and past or present relationships. When I listen to this song I think about walking around Philadelphia when I was 16 at music camp. I think about the artists that came before me who dedicated their lives to music, recording their heart's songs for future listeners who may or may not exist. Times change fast and it's hard to capture a moment when you are in it. But an ethereal component does carry on through one's music. It's important to remember how you used to feel in the past once in a while.


The saxophonist on this song is responsible for helping form my own unique melodies and harmonies. I love the way this song builds, and how each member of the band is in perfect communication with one another. This band in general helped bridge the gap between jazz and hip hop for me in my early music career. The texture of the saxophonist combined with the drums is really pleasant to me. I also am a huge fan of Earl Sweatshirt, so double the points.

4. Frank Ocean - Crack Rock

A song about addiction and what it does to families, a deeply powerful performance by Frank Ocean that oozes passion and strained regret. Another song that I use to sing along to and hone my vocal chops. The way Frank can go from calm and composed to emotional and raw in his vocal delivery is masterful. He never strays too far on either end, and skilfully wields his voice on top of a slow-starting instrumental that crescendos as Frank does. Great song to practice singing emotionally without over-doing the delivery.

5. Ludovin, Childish Gambino - Tricks

This song brings me back to high school and early college. There's something about the way Childish Gambino used to rap in 2012 that gives me pure nostalgia. This is far from either of these artists' best work but there is an element of campiness and rawness to the sound that adds to the "heartbreak" aesthetic I feel the song is going for. It's incredible to know how far these two artists have come, and I see a lot of resemblance in this song to tracks that me and my friends love to make.

Check out Jirias' latest offering 'Dutiful Watch to the Seasonal Zephyr' including focus track 'Steve Jobs':

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