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5 Songs I Love w/ julianne

Following the release of julianne's vibrant new single 'path i choose', we caught up with the rising artist to find out more about the music she loves and why.

Enjoy her eclectic selection below as well as the lyric video to 'path i choose'!

1. 2 Oceans - Trevor Hall

This song is so pure and brings me to a state of peace, of looking inwards and coming back to my breath. I love the lyrics of this song..."You'll never survive if you don't try to clear the waters on the inside". There are two oceans, one outside and one inside, yet they are one and the same. Trevor Hall has been a favorite of mine this past year, unlike the majority of other upbeat/electronic tunes I lean into. There is a serene peacefulness in the vocalists delivery that makes you feel as if she is standing right next to you, assuring you you will be okay. 2. Sunday Song- Lane 8

Lane 8 is such a talented artist. I have had the pleasure of seeing him twice in concert, and he never fails to deliver an amazing show. This song sounds to me like I fell asleep on the side of a beautiful lake and am just waking up to the sound of chirping birds and a fantastic sunrise. I stretch my arms wide, take a big inhale and exhale as I hug my knees into my chest, roll over to my right side, and push myself up into a seated position. I am ready to start the day! Energized, revitalized, awaken and blessed to be alive. The atmospheric beginning of the song really sets the tone that feels like dew on the wet grass. I love the synths, the simple pattern used alongside playful, wordless vocals. The pads are angelic and sound heavenly, this will always remain one of my favorites that makes me smile from ear to ear. 3. Isra - AZUR

Being an avid yogi, this song was first played for me in the midst of an intense vinyasa class. Sweat dripping down my body and my heart rate beating rapidly, this song fired me up and reminded me of the warrior I am...the warrior I am capable of being in moments that I might feel weak. The middle eastern melodies bring in a feeling of ceremonious worship that I enjoy. The simple beat pattern that creeps in makes your body begin to sway with out even realizing it. And before you know it, there is a hypnotizing beat playing before your ears. I love the underground sound that this melody grows into. This song allows me to move my body and feel so divine! 4. Sabrina (I am a party) -Fred Again

Fred Again has become a regular in my top played music over the last 3 months! Wow, he is really changing the name of the game as he incorporates real life recordings and videos into his work, invites the community to be the spotlight of his music videos, and brings people together about "losing dancing and the people we love" through the COVID madness. This song caught me first by the lyrics "I know I should want to go...but it's just not that much fun having fun when you don't want to have fun". MAN CAN I RELATE!! The underground bass and drum line is what really keeps me enthralled. I blast this song in the car, thinking about the fun times I can give myself when I am truly happy with who I am and with being alone! Give this song a play and I bet you will fall in love with it too. Fred Again is a beat making magician. 5. Over - Kaskade

A GEM from the all-star house music guru himself. I absolutely love this beat and the exquisitely delivered vocals. The 1..3,4 beat line in the chorus is so different then anything I would have laid down and I think that is why it intrigues me so much. When making music, sometimes you get stuck in your own patterns, sometimes patterns that you wish you could get out of. Music like this helps me learn other ways to create a new sound. I play this song in the car, while I am cleaning, on the beach, working out. This BPM always has my body moving without me even realizing it. I love music that I can't resist, and this one is a keeper!!

Watch the lyric video for 'path i choose' below:


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