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5 Songs I Love w/ Junior Bones

Having just released their new single 'Dust', we caught up with Australian indie folk outfit Junior Bones to find out more about some of their favourite tracks and why. Check out their selection below and if you're a fan, you're sure to fall in love with Junior Bones' dreamy genre-blending sound.

1. Bahamas - Lost In The Light

One of my all time ‘go-to’ favs is ‘Lost in the Light’ by Bahamas. I first heard it amidst a shared ‘mixtape’ playlist being passed around, back when playlists first came to be. It’s deceptively simple, yet seems to contain a lifetime of hope and heartache. I love the way it kind of just ambles along in no particular hurry, triggering memories from my own life along the way. Also pairs well with a hazy beer and a melting sunset. Recommend.

2. Arcade Fire – Ocean of Noise

Ocean of Noise by Arcade Fire has an incredible mood, created by the band’s signature blend of acoustic instruments - guitar, piano and hurdy-gurdy for a start, followed by the horns and strings at the end that send shivers with every listen. I actually don’t know what the song is about, but that doesn’t matter. Shut your eyes and it takes you away to somewhere quiet, dark and maybe a little spooky.

3. Morphine - The Night

Two-string slide bass, duelling baritone saxes (played by one mouth) and beat poetry - it could only happen in the nineties! There's never been a band like Morphine before or since. I guess 'The Night' is one of their darker numbers. It has the sadness that comes from love, longing, loss and fear getting in each other's way. I love the line 'I hope you're waiting for me Across your carpet of stars'. It spins up its own world for you to get lost in, one that is seductively sad, sexy and haunting.

4. Dandy Warhols - Godless

I love the space and moodyness to this track. The breakdown after the 2nd chorus is like a scene from a western with two duelling cowboys squaring off, tense and trigger ready as the clock strikes midday in the town centre.

5. The National – England

England is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard. It has loneliness, yearning, regret and loss that seeps under your skin with an empathetic world weariness. And the buildup towards the ending crescendo has an amazing release of energy that bursts into fireworks of colour, then shimmers back into nothingness.

Listen to 'Dust' below:

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