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5 Songs I Love w/ Katana

Following the release of her brand new single 'Diary Entry', we caught up with Canadian-based artist Katana to find a little bit more out about the music she loves and why. If you're a fan of the tracks below, you'll be sure to love Katana's unique R&B style. Don't forget to check out 'Diary Entry'!

1. Lover, You Should've Come Over - Jeff Buckley

The arrangement and the flow of the song, not to mention the lyrics are all 100/10. So vulnerable and precious. Jeff Buckley will forever be my favourite and this song gets me emotional every single time I listen to it. It perfectly captured the yearning for love and that special someone.

2. Bad Religion - Frank Ocean

I'm NOTHING without my sad songs! Again, the arrangement and production of this song are amazing! Frank's beautiful and raw falsetto brings me to tears. I also discovered this song when I was experiencing an unrequited love situation and this song hit me like a school bus on a Monday.

3. Workin Out - JID

I turn to this song whenever I want to feel rich and bad... The fat and groovy bass along with the jazzy piano!!! It's also one of my favourite songs to pole dance to. The line "Since you're in it, you're an object of ridicule, objects appearing closer than you're ready for, obviously you don't know what's ahead, but that's the reason you gon' work til' you dead" is such a strong end for a verse!

4. West Coast - Lana Del Rey

This is one of my favourite genres of music! All the lush layers of instrumentals and vocals give me chills. The interesting and descriptive lyrics are captivating too. I think this is Lana's best album to date. She took soft grunge and made it unique and of her own. As I said, I'm nothing without my sad songs and this album is FULL of them.

5. Oct 33 - Black Pumas

This beautifully haunting and bittersweet song will always be one of my favourites. The live version is even more incredible! Soulful and nostalgic!

Watch the music video for Katana's 'Diary Entry':

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