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5 Songs I Love w/ kav.

Up and coming artist kav. have just released new single 'air to live'. The thoughtful soft-rock track got us wondering what kind of music has influenced kav., so we caught up with front-man Pierce Kavanagh to find out more about some songs he loves and why. Check out his hand picked selection below and if you're a fan, listen to 'air to live' and also watch this space for a debut EP coming later this year...

1- George O'Hanlon- Go Your Way

I love how stripped back the song is, it really helps punctuate the lyrics which makes all the story being told really vivid. Gritty heartbreak song- right up my street :)

2- Spacey Jane- Its been Along Day

I LOVE this song. First Listen I thought it could be a completely acoustic song, really cool when the bass and drums kick in from verse 2, which gives a lovely groove. Stunning vocal! Again a song I can really relate too, just really really great song writing.

3- Mosa Wild- Orchards

This is a band I've followed for a long time, they are probably one of the best live bands I've ever seen. I love how they blend guitars and drums with really cool samples and synths, gives it a really cinematic feel to the songs. The outro to this song is too sick such a great build!

4- Wrest- Human

Wrest remind me a little of one of my favorite bands ' Frightened Rabbit'. I think some Scottish bands including Wrest are able to coney there songs in a really unique way, using self depurative humor and like really stark imagery in there lyrics. Scottish accent always sounds awesome too!

5- The National- About Today

One of my favorite songs ever. The lyrics tell such a clear story with out actually saying much at all. It has an epic feel to it but the instrumentation never actually goes huge. I love how the vocal is so up close and intimate, whilst the strings, drums, guitars bring out the emotion in this song.

Check out kav.'s new release 'air to live' below:


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