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5 Songs I Love w/ Kenny Baquol

Alt-rock riser Kenny Baquol is making a name for himself with his empowering and heartfelt artistry. He recently returned with his signature sound on the commanding new single 'Ruins'. Following its release we caught up with Kenny to find out more about the music he loves and why. Check out his picks below and if you're a fan you're sure to love Kenny's music and the new single!

1. Carnivore by Starset

In 2017, my musical landscape changed forever when Spotify recommended this band to me. 90% of my listening habits were of classic rock and 90's hip hop until I heard Starset's album 'Vessels' for the first time. Their songs were so modern, so cinematic, so massively epic-sounding. Then I found "Carnivore" from their debut and related to the lyrics deeply. Its story-telling and musical arrangement constantly challenge me to get better with my writing, playing, singing, everything. Their live shows, with the theatrics, lighting, and string players playing while standing, is super inspiring for me as an artist.

2. Lost In Yesterday by Tame Impala

While many understand the influence of Kevin Parker on the world of anything musically psychedelic, this piece in particular mesmerizes me like almost no other. The synths and lyrics so easily transport you to a nostalgic and make you reflect on that very feeling, sometimes in ways that might be slightly uncomfortable. It's also an example of how Tame Impala has evolved from "Elephant" to a decade later, showing us he can evolve with the times while not losing any sheen on older classics of a different style. He's also a perfectionist, which I can relate to a lot. Awesome one-take-style music video to go along with it, too.

3. Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups

You know those songs where you hear the first 3 notes and instantly feel something significant? What a journey this one is. It's so somber yet pulled back on the surface, but as I get closer to that emotionally explosive part towards the middle, I get overwhelmed with everything from yearning and sadness to hope and exhilaration. This is powerful in ways a lot of musicians can only dream of creating.

4. Stranger Things by Periphery

What an insanely creative piece of music. I only started listening to Periphery a few years ago, but I can't get over how technically impressive and interesting of songwriters these guys are. I love music that balances melody and heavy aggression appropriately. I also love music that goes against typical formulaic song structure in order for the story or big picture truly shine. This song in particular has both of these qualities present, and it never ceases to have a strong effect on me when I hear those first sets of dreamy delay-heavy guitars come in.

5. Drift Away by Chunk! No, Captain Chunk

Certain gems in pop punk like this song prove to me that the genre isn't just power chords and generic lyrics. Sometimes you get these nuggets of sonic gold

that get overshadowed by an album's singles that showcase interesting layering, pristine production and arrangement, and a MASSIVE-sounding chorus that's as hard-hitting as it is catchy. I can never resist the urge to air drum specifically when the crash cymbal goes from half notes to quarter notes in the second half of the chorus. And the way the guitars and bass hit those low notes through the mix? Just beautiful to me.

Listen to 'Ruins' below:

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