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5 Songs I Love w/ Lālo Parade

An enchanting blend of soft rock and psych-pop, Lālo Parade has unveiled his charming new offering 'Fasho'. To celebrate the release, we asked Lālo to share 5 songs he loves right now and why. Check out his hand picked selection below and if you're a fan, make sure to listen to 'Fasho'!

Daylight by Harry Styles

I love everything about this song, from composition to lyrics. Their creative writing style is almost identical to how I write my lyrics. It starts subtly (pop), but when the chorus hits, it just explodes with fantastic guitars, drums, and cymbals. It makes me smile when I hear songs that include real instruments. Ha! I'm a sucker for love that I curse with no antidote.

Sabotage by Beastie Boys

This song is an all-time banger! From distorted bass to a funky funny storyline. The tone of this bass highly influences me. This song is an amalgamation of genres that I love.

Loser by Beck

Loser by Beck is a favorite of mine. I love how he incorporates just the tiniest bit of Spanish in this song with phrases like "Soy un perdedor." It has acoustic guitars and catchy hip-hop drum beats! This classic will always stick out to me as something different and catchy. You can't help but tap your foot or sing along—such a great song.

Eventually by Tame Impala

They say that the best and most intense sad songs come from Australia. This is such a great example of an Australian tune, with lyrics about how things never change even though you think they will be different in your lifetime - which sounds pretty true for many people I know! It's such a bummer these guys are not playing anymore.

You Can Get it (ft. K Flay) by Arkells

It's been a while since I've heard such an energetic song. The lyrics are also top-notch, with positive vibes all around! I love how bands write positive lyrics; It makes the song so much better!

Listen to 'Fasho' by Lālo Parade below:


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