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5 Songs I Love w/ Learn To Lie

We caught up with alternative rock risers Learn To Lie following the release of their new single 'Lost Boys'. We asked them to share 5 songs they love and why, to get a bit of an insight into the inspiration behind their unique sound. Check out their favourites below and watch the music video for 'Lost Boys' - out now!

Paramore - Decode

Our producer, Dan Gallagher says we have a heavier Paramore vibe and used this track as a reference towards mixing and mastering Lost Boys and Hayley Williams was a big influence on Courtney’s vocal style in her early years. Decode was “inspired by both the relationship in Stephine Meyer’s original book and personal experiences, she penned this song’s lyrics.” This inspired our song writing, in essence Lost Boys concept for the track is based on the character Wendy from the children's book Peter Pan. The song is based on her point of view during the story, how staying would be an adventure but she's got to go home.

A Perfect Circle - Passive

Billy Howerdel has a huge influence on Andy’s guitar playing and songwriting. We like to think we have an Alternative Rock/Indie vibe that a Perfect Circle creates.

Passive's message is about passionately sticking up for what you believe in and also ties into the central theme of Constantine, which is based on the Vertigo comic book Hellblazer. This also inspired our song writing towards linking a song to a story.

Marmozets - Captivate You

We love how Marmozets walk that fine line between rock and pop with captivating chorus and complex musical sections with that maths rock vibe. We like to strive ourselves to walk this fine line and feel like we have achieved it with Lost Boys.

Arcane Roots - If nothing breaks, nothing moves

Yet again another band who walk that fine line between rock and pop. However, We love the progressive elements that Arcane Roots bring to the songs. From pin drop silences in their songs to rawring powerful crescendos! Their use of dynamics are a massive influence on our song writing. They bring such a huge sound for a 3 piece band and although we are a 4 piece but with a single guitarist, we strive to produce songs on a similar scale.

Yvette Young - A Map, a String , a Light

Yvette’s open tuning and hammer off style of playing has been an important influence inspiring Andy to start experimenting with his songwriting with alternative tunings. Yvette’s solo material “has been described as soothing, haunting, nostalgic, and feel-good time and again. And it is no doubt that the guitarist has always made sure to create music that paints a scenery or gives voice to a multitude of emotions.”

This combination was something we wanted to transpose into our writing, particularly with Lost Boys and the imagery that comes with that.

Watch the music video for 'Lost Boys':



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