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5 Songs I Love w/ Lia Hide

Having recently released the new single 'Dinner' another exciting look at the upcoming album 'The Missing Fourth Guest', Lia Hide has once again demonstrated her remarkable ability to make breathtaking, experimental pop soundscapes with her three piece band.

With such an interesting original sound, we were intrigued about what music inspires Lia, so we asked her for her top 5 tunes:

Radiohead – Burn the Witch

This is a song our of my beloved Radiohead's “A Moon Shaped Pool”, back in 2016.

I remember back then, we used to be on the road a lot, touring a lot, and we would have to wake up early to be at the next town, in time for soundcheck, running like crazy to catch the next ferry to the next island.. I always wanted to listen to this particular song when we were driving at dawn, I wanted to “dress” the sun's orange organza sky with this string section running wild. There's something in this arrangement that reminds me of Brahms and Manos Hatzidakis, of Siouxsie's Spelbound, Smashing Pumpkins' good old days and that classic elegance of the Beatles.

Soulsavers – Unbalanced Pieces

This has been my phone's rightone for the past 6 or 7 years. I hate it when my phone rings, it stresses me so much, that I get minor panic attacks – I always think I forgot to do something or someone is calling to ask something asap. Every other rightone I've used, I kept hearing it in my sleep, in my dreams, in the shower, everywhere, and always! This is the only track that I can not only bear, but actually enjoy – I sometimes won't pick up the phone right away, so I can enjoy the song a bit longer. I love Mike Paton and I love Mark Lanegan, and I was so devastated by the later's recent loss.. I think they both are or the rarest

and most beautiful voices and souls, out there.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps

I was introduced to this song a long time ago, on a night out in London with some friends, and I immediately fell in love with it, and the video – I remember we were outside a club, having our drinks and cigarettes, and someone played that on his phone and showed me the video, and I was so utterly captivated by Karen O's performance – we even shot a cover of the song, soon after!

Stromae – Fils de Joie

That's a very new song and video, by Belgian Stromae, I think it's one of the most brilliant music videos ever made. The story is that Stromae is addressing the public in a huge-public attended funeral for a dead sex worker (his mom). Check out the video, trust me, you'll be in awe!

Alice Smith – Always

Alice Smith is one of the most underated artists, ever, for me. The Grammy nominated, US artist has received amazing reviews for her new album, Mystery, but still, few ..numbers! She is a vocal powerhouse, meddling r'n'b with jazz and soul in mysterious ways, and a terrific songstress. Mystery is short lengthed album, but with such jewels! 'Always' is the torch song of the album, a haunting song, dark and heart-wrecking!

Watch the stunning new video for Lia Hide's new single 'Dinner' below:


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