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5 Songs I Love w/ Lily Brooke

Following the release of her vibrant EP 'Hypomaniac', we caught up with alt-pop riser Lily Brooke to find out more about the music she loves and why. Check out her bespoke selection below and if you're a fan of her cross-genre mix you're sure to love her new release!

1. Pixies - 'Debaser'

Pixies are one of my main influences as an artist. Their album Doolittle is a masterpiece! I’ve been lucky enough to see them live many times, most recently in Newcastle, and there’s nothing better than screaming ‘Un Chien Andalusia’ in a massive crowd. It’s their catchy melodies, cryptic lyrics and sharp transitions that have helped shape my own writing. I think you can hear the influence best in my lead single ‘Blackjack’, even though our styles are hugely contrasting.

2. Lady Gaga - 'Paparazzi'

A classic. This version in particular, and all of Gaga’s piano renditions are what made me want to pursue piano so deeply. It was her writing and versions like this that made me realise piano is at the core of pop and it is now the core of all my writing. Paparazzi calls out to the darker side of fame and talks of obsession. I think it’s an important message, and something I wanted to do within the lead track of my EP, Scream.

3. The Smiths - 'I Know It’s Over' (Jeff Buckley cover)

This song makes me feel so many things. I’ve included Jeff Buckley’s live version because it includes 2 of my icons - The Smiths and Buckley - in one blissful collaboration. Lyrical content is vital to me as an artist and I’m always thinking of the message behind each song. These lyrics are pure poetry, an original take on unrequited love that will absolutely break your heart. If this doesn’t make you cry, I argue nothing will!

4. Radiohead - 'Just'

This is such a fun song - I’m a huge Radiohead fan and this track is from my favourite album, The Bends. 'Just' was written about a narcissist and developed through Thom Yorke trying to fit as many chords as possible into a song. I’m always drawn to these kind of stand out, interesting chord progressions as well as the dynamical contrast you can hear in a lot of 90s grunge music. I actually created an alt-pop version of Creep, in my first years as an artist as it was one of my go to pieces!

5. Lizzo - 'Cuz I Love You'

I’m so grateful to be able to highlight Lizzo, I absolutely love her work and what she stands for as an artist. Her lyrics often speak of learning to let go of insecurities and learning to love. She often expresses body positivity and female empowerment and the power of this song definitely reflects that message. The instrumentation is just epic... That brass!! Cuz I Love You is such a feel good and soulful track, like all of her music, and it definitely shows off her immense vocal range.

Watch the new music video for Lily Brooke's lead single 'Scream' and her new EP 'Hypomaniac' below:


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