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  • Alice Smith

5 Songs I Love w/ Logan Alexandra

Following the release of her latest single 'Wait...' we caught up with US pop sensation Logan Alexandra to discover a little more of what goes into her eclectic sound. If you enjoy Logan's picks be sure to check out 'Wait...' at the end of the article.

1. Olivia Rodrigo - Pretty Isn't Pretty

"Olivia Rodrigo is a huge inspiration to me right now. This song's lyrics are super relatable and I LOVE the guitars. Totally a sonic direction I want to go in with my new music."

2. Carole King - It's Too Late

"Carole King is a huge songwriting inspiration to me. This song especially has been a favorite of mine for years. I love the background vocals that add that “choiry” vibe I love!"

3. Laufey - From The Start

"When I wanna dance and feel happy this is the song I’ve been picking in my playlist."

4. Taylor Swift - Lavender Haze

"The acoustic version of this song is a never skip for me. I love how the lyrics feel different with a new back track."

5. Selena Gomez - Rare

"Picking just 5 songs is difficult! This is getting #5 because even after 3 years of listening to this song I’m still ready to jam to this when it comes up on shuffle. I love this simplicity of the track that helps tell the story of the lyrics."

Watch Logan Alexandra 'Wait...'



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