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5 Songs I Love w/ Loren Aronov

Following the release of her stunning new single 'mask on', we caught up with rising pop starlet Loren Aronov to find out more about the music she loves and why. Check out her selection below and don't forget to listen to the new release!

1. Pretty Girl - Clario

This song was my first introduction to bedroom pop. I loved it from the jump. Clairo’s brand represents realness and authenticity, just like me. You see it even more in the music video, there’s just this “down to earth” vibe that I absolutely love about her . After years experimenting with different genres, Pretty Girl is what ultimately led me down the sonic path I’m on today.

2. she’s all i wanna be - Tate McRae

Tate McRae is one of my favourite artist right now! Her delivery and addictive pop melodies are what stand out the most for me. She’s Canadian and started making music around the same age as me, which is why my music tends to draw a lot of inspiration from her.

3. Flowers - Miley Cyrus

The moment I heard this song I fell in love with it the message behind it is to empower women. this song speaks about how we can and should love ourselves for who we are without the need for someone else to complete us and to validate our worth. I love how she corresponded her song to When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars. I don’t think this was ever done before.

4. It's my party - Lesley Gore

this is a timeless classic that has been an inspiration for many old souls and whoever knows me, knows I’m all into vintage. The powerful lyrics are about standing up for oneself and taking control of one’s happiness, and it’s so relevant to the music I create about loving yourself and finding happiness in who you are.

5. Happier Than Ever - Billie Eilish

Happier than Ever is one of my favourite songs because of the dynamic contrast between soft and angelic verses that goes into an explosive chorus. it shows both of her sides and I believe it was never done before. everything she creates is magic to me. there’s a lot to learn from her creativity, stories, and taking a risks with her music.

Listen to 'mask on' below:


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