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5 Songs I Love w/ Luna Grey

Dropping an enrapturing set of visuals for her latest single "Big Boys", Luna Grey refuses to confrom to expectation. With a sound that blends hip hop, electronics and pounding synth patterns, she makes a bold stand against her doubters, all the while dressed in a baby grow and ironing money before an adoring crowd.

Having refined her sound around melodic rhythms and impressively intricate lyrics, Luna is ready to prove once and for all that she’s capable of playing with the big boys.

We found out which 5 songs influenced Luna the most in her glittering soundscapes. Tune in below.

Spooky Black - Without You This is by far one of my favorite songs. Not only are the lyrics extremely relatable speaking about the heartache of losing a love you thought would last forever, but the video is very attention grabbing as you find out the powerful voice you hear comes out of a small young boy. The aesthetics and simplicity of this song and video combo inspire me to this day.  The Weeknd - Coming Down Most of my life has involved coping mechanisms. I feel the most like myself in the night time and usually I'm escaping from the memories of my past. Though I enjoy time to myself I usually crave human connection to feel the most inspired in life and this song connects with that part of myself. Kid Cudi - The Pursuit of Happiness What more could we ask for in life than to be happy? We each have our own path to happiness but every step we take is to reach our short or long term happiness whether we acknowledge that or not.  J. Cole - Cheer Up This song reminded me to fight through the hard times and that even though that’s feel hopeless there’s always something beautiful waiting around the corner. The first thing I ever recorded was a cover to this song! Kendrick Lamar - Collect Calls During one of the darkest times of my life this song seemed to understand my pain. It speaks about the tribulations we go through with the people that enter our life at a time when I started feeling like the whole world was against me. Sometime you just want to feel understood and this song did that for me. 


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