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5 Songs I Love w/ Luuk, Elyon

Following the release of Luuk, Elyon's new single 'Tesla', we caught up with the rising rap artist to find out more about the music he loves and why. Delve deep into Luuk, Elyon's inspiration and enjoy the video for 'Tesla' below!

1. Paris Morton Music - Drake

It was such a pivotal and powerful time for Drake, I feel like it was the beginning of his iconic two song-in-one lineage. You got a crazy feature from Jay, ‘cream get the money’ flip. And then a beat switch with Drake talking his talk, I love it because at that time we had no idea the longevity of his career that we would see unfold. And the attitude of entrance into the game was on full display unapologetically, and I love that.

2. Joey Bada$$ - Righteous Minds

I love this one, when it dropped Joey was a teenager, and to see someone of that age spittin wisdom and timeless bars way beyond his age like this is so amazing to me. Every line is impeccable. Some songs you don’t write, instead you listen as you watch the song write itself, it definitely feels like this one was one of those songs. Effortless. I love how it captures the fight of life, through the difficulties of this world, having to press on no matter what, in order to do something that is impactful and will live beyond you.

3. Frou Frou - Breathe In

When I was in the 1st grade I found this song some how on youtube along with their album ‘Details’, I know my brother had listened to them before, but when I heard it; instantly, that’s when I first fell in love with music itself, its power and how it can take you away to a whole new place. The mixing, production, songwriting and overall originality is so far ahead of its time and captivating. You can feel the love and emotion and creativity they put into their craft. I love to judge music by the ability it has to capture a moment of life and immortalize it in the song. How easy it is to ‘make a memory’ to a song. This one is perfect for the introspective times of life.

4. Rihanna - 'You Da One'

Man, this one is all about the engineering and songwriting for me. The way those drums crunch and the melody builds, and how everything is just so CRISPY and perfectly placed. This song is such a VIBE and perfectly encapsulates what I look up to as the perfect production, mixing and mastering.

5. Stick - Dreamville

I love the energy of this track. This is an ideal track to hear live. haha. I love the featured back to back to back verses with the vetted J.cole verse to end it, and high energy on the hook with the trumpets sounding throughout. Everybody’s flow amplifies the energy and power you experience while you listen. The video goes so crazy too, Onda goes in.

Watch the video for Tesla below:


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