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5 Songs I Love w/ Matthew Torres

We caught up with alternative artist Matthew Torres to find out more about the songs he loves and why. If any of the tracks below are your vibe, then you need to check out Matthew's brand new release 'Could Have Told You That'!

1. VULFPECK /// Baby I Don't Know Oh Oh (feat. Charles Jones)

I am immediately drawn in by the groove of the piano with the band. Head nodding along, my face is scrunched with that look that says “this is so good it hurts.” Charles Jones delivers such a heartfelt but also light hearted performance. I’ve listened to the end of the song where Charles plays/sings adlibs between the choruses so many times that I now have it memorized. Vulvpeck always delight me with their modern funky, jazzy, soul jams.

2. Lucy Dacus - "Night Shift" (Official Lyric Video)

From the first few strums i feel like I’m at an intimate indie singer songwriter house show. The lyrics hit this space of very specific but universal. I can feel the emotional space of moving on from a relationship that had a big impact on you. And the ending, my god the ending. This is another song where I spun it back to the spot just at the end of the bridge to belt along with Lucy.

3. King Krule - Alone, Omen 3

I am transported to places when I listen to King Krule. The chord progression and tone/mix they have for the guitar - it just haunts through your earscape. King Krule hits that spot of punk, hiphop, and chill indie rock that my spirit needs. And I am required to replay the end of the song a few times over every time it comes on. Just so I can sing “you’re not alone” with Archy Ivan Marshall (the lead singer of the band).

4. Little Dragon - Another Lover | A COLORS SHOW

I was walking around Lake Merritt one evening when this track came on. The bass groove caught me off guard - sometimes I hear something so good I don’t believe it. I have to start the song over, adjust the volume, focus myself, and confirm something this great is real. Yukimi Nagano’s vocals have this wonderful rhythmic overlay with the bass and when the drums come in… game over. Oh, right, I was out for a walk when I heard this track. I was grooving until I was distracted for a moment by people nearby pausing and staring out to my right. So I paused, turned, and saw a moon rise. Over the oakland hills, the moon looked enormous, and the groove of this song was ferocious. It was a chill moment, you could say.


This song has a contained violence to it. I can feel an aggression, intensity, hurt. It feels messy but determined to get to it’s conclusion. The bridge guitar solo that has one of the most delicious guitar tones I’ve ever heard. To a final run through of the chorus that hits that spot of wild reckless rock so perfectly. Tropical Fuck Storm, first off, how dare you. Second off, I like this song. A lot. This song feels so good to my ears - the guitars and vocals are wonderfully saturated and it makes me want do messy dance.

Listen to 'Could Have Told You That' by Matthew Torres now:

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