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  • Alice Smith

5 songs I love w/ Mellow Mayhems

London-based indie trio Mellow Mayhems unveiled their debut single "Tricks". They shared with us 5 songs that influenced them and their unique sound.

1. MGMT - Mother Nature 

"Pete absolutely adores this tune from the latest MGMT album Loss of Life. “It’s just full of joyous floaty warmth thanks to the blended notes and mellifluous nature.”

2. The Long Ryders - Looking for Lewis and Clark

“They don’t make them like this anymore,”according to Sam, who sounds like your dad putting 50p in the jukebox. “An absolute powerhouse of a track from a band with the purest of energy. Released in 1985, the year I was born,”

3. Budjerah - Ready for the Sky 

"One of Steve’s favourites from recent years. He says: “It's a sleek pop tune - lean, with a catchy chorus and soulful raw vocals. Production harks back to classic Motown era but still feels fresh.”

4. People Under the Stairs - The Hang Loose

One of the soundtracks of Sam’s youth from an artist of supreme quality. “It’s just absolute fun from start to finish with fantastic lyrics and a jaunty hip hop rhythm,” he says.

5. The Velvettes - Needle in a Haystack

"Given the Motown theme of our debut single we thought this would be a good one to round off with. A tour de force, an anthem. The intro is perfect, the vocals are incredible and the melody is genius. What more do you want?!"

Listen to the band's debut single:


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