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5 Songs I Love w/ Meredith Louise

Emerging soul-pop artist Meredith Louise just dropped her seductive new single 'Mind Frame'. We wanted to find out more about the music she loves and why. Check out her selection and the stream from 'Mind Frame' below!

1. On and On – Erykah Badu

What to say about this? Erykah Badu is everything! I first heard this song (and the whole Baduizm album) when I was 19 and it changed my life – Erykah is the embodiment of neo-soul and modern jazz. A spiritual poet in a league of her own, the message of this song still resonates with me, and even more so as I get older. "If we were made in his image then call us by our names. Most intellects do not believe in God but they fear us just the same” – this is pure soul right here. And that groove is just totally in the pocket.

2. The World it Softly Lulls – Hiatus Kaiyote

Being from Melbourne, I had to include Hiatus Kaiyote in this list. HK exploded onto the scene in a way that truly altered the music landscape. Before them, the future jazz genre didn’t really exist. They are true cosmic pioneers of the genre – mostly because they play by their own rules and transcend boundaries. All of their music is wild, but I always return to this tune from their first album Tawk Tomahawk and I LOVE this live version. It’s got this Latin jazz feel over some minor chord progressions and then transitions into hip hop. Honestly it’s everything I love about them in one tune - polyrhythms, crunchy chords, incredible harmonies, textures and pure soul.

3. This Must Be the Place (Naïve Melody) – Talking Heads

Talking Heads are pioneers of New Wave, and David Byrne is one of the best examples of continuing to be innovative and expansive in his music. Plus he’s played with everyone! This song just brings a real sense of peace and joy. If I’m ever feeling low or lost and untethered, I put this on LOUD and dance around my home. These lyrics make it for me: “Home is where I want to be, but I guess I’m already there. I come home, she’s lifted up her wings, I guess that this must be the place.”

4. Paul Simon – Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

I grew up listening to Simon and Garfunkel, and didn’t discover Graceland until I was an adult. Graceland is a desert island album for me, and this song just brings me absolute joy. I love the incredibly rhythmic bass line – the linchpin of the entire song - percussion and incredible resonant harmonies of Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

5. Why We Speak - Robert Glasper Experiment Feat. Q-Tip & Esperanza Spalding

Robert Glasper is the jazz musician of today, and has pioneered his own genre of jazz that blends RnB, hip hop, and Neo Soul (all of which are jazz, really). All of his music is incredible, but the Black Radio albums are another level and celebrate Black joy, love, and resilience. Glasper’s gift for collaboration with different artists is unparalleled and there is no limit to his creativity. It’s hard to narrow it down to a specific tune from the Black Radio albums, but I always return to this one. Esperanza Spalding’s voice is divine and the genius of Q-Tip can’t be matched. “Sometimes in life when you go too far, the truth will bring you to who you are.”

Listen to 'Mind Frame' below:

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