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5 Songs I Love w/ Minna

Following the release of Minna's delicate new offering 'Wandering Through', we wanted to find out a little bit more about the music this up and coming artist loves and why. Check out her hand picked selection below and listen to 'Wandering Through!'

1. Holocene - Bon Iver

This song pretty much kickstarted a mood that hasn’t left my side since I heard it at 16. It seems every time I listen I am pulled into a place that feels so unique to myself, and I’m sure everyone who also loves it knows what I mean. Which is why it will never fail to inspire me and push me forwards to try and create something as magical. It’s the place it must have come from to have been created, I think the greatest songs have to come from these hidden glens within us in order to reach the same in another.

2. Isn’t it a lovely day - Fred Astaire

This song makes me very happy. I love jazz, it makes the world around seem all the more beautiful. Simple scenarios become elegant, such as walking down the street. I’ve also always wanted this to be the first dance song at my wedding.

3. Call My Name - JP Cooper

I love JP Cooper! he seems to have a really beautiful soul and mind and this song really sums that up for me. Especially this Gospel version, it’s so incredibly uplifting and warming. I also feel his vocals have an enlightened quality to them, I think they’re coming from a very special place.

4. Will ye go lassie go (live) - The Corries

This is my roots song, we all have one that reminds us of where we’re from and those we love the most, this will always be that one. My best friend played it to me at the top of a hill looking over the Scottish Highlands where she lives, and whenever I listen I am transported to that moment and to who I was when I listened to it. It makes me the best and truest version of myself, for which I am so grateful.

5. Big Ship - Freddie McGregor

This is my go to Minna song, it’s that song that sinks you back into your groove and washes the rest away. It’s been at the heart of many good times and the healer of many bad ones.

Listen to 'Wandering Through' below:

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