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5 Songs I Love w/ Morning Bear

Denver born and now Copenhagen raised Morning Bear shares his beautifully vulnerable new single 'A Simple Understanding'. Recorded in a one-take in Andover, UK, John Runnels dives deep into his inner psyche and unleashes a song that is so precious and intimate, in a song all about his struggles with mental health. We loved it so much we invited John to sit down and tell us all about his 5 favourite songs, exclusively for FLEX!

He says "As you can probably tell from this list, I’m very into singer-songwriters at the moment. In general I listen to most any music as long as it makes me feel something… but these songs in particular have been resonating with me in the last year."


1. MARO - Saudade, Saudade

MARO’s voice is the stuff of legends. Her vibrant, emotional, and vulnerable delivery stirs something deep in my heart. The melody, lyrics, and atmosphere work together perfectly on this track to inspire an incredibly nostalgic melancholy. This song has been repeat since I first time heard it, and I don’t expect it to stop anytime soon.

2. Lily Lyons - Spectre

Lily is the first artist I ever found through TikTok, and her song Spectre has one of my favourite melodies I’ve heard in the last year. If you know my music, you know I’m a real sucker for beautiful, expressive fingerpicking. This song also has such a sweet message about seeing yourself though the eyes of someone who loves you – something I wish I could do more often!

3. Leith Ross - We'll Never Have Sex

This song popped up on my Spotify Discover Weekly and I was so captured by it I had to stop what I was doing to listen to it again immediately. Clocking in at under two minutes long, this sweet little nugget of a song is perfect just the way it is. The experience of finding safety in someone’s love, without pressure, without ulterior motives… what a gorgeous snapshot this song captures!

4. John Ansell - What If We Fall

Joel, a fellow artist from Colorado, is one of my favorite artists in the front range right now. His music is always so thoughtful and human, speaking to struggles that so many of us have. This is music for the heart.

5. Rakel - Nothing Ever Changes

Rakel is an amazingly talented musician from Iceland who I first saw as a supporting member of Axel Flovent’s band, who has since started releasing some amazing music of her own. The almost haunting quality of this song has kept me coming back for more and more.

And don't forget to checkout Morning Bear's incredible new single 'A Simple Understanding' below:


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