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5 Songs I Love w/ MyCompiledThoughts

R&B riser MyCompiledThoughts recently returned with his new single 'Pentagon'. The hypnotic track captivates the listener into MyCompliedThoughts' poetic storytelling. We wanted to find out more about some of the songs that MyCompiledThoughts loves and why. Listen to his hand-picked selection below and don't forget to watch the video for 'Pentagon'! Word is there's a new track coming very soon too...

1. CVIRO & GXNXVS - 'Caught Up'

When I listen to this track it gives me such a cool and gritty vibe. It's refreshing to hear a song that's influenced by the 90s yet is still very forward-thinking in its style. Production is 10/10 2. 11:11 - 'Good Love'

I can never complain when I hear a simple guitar and bass record. Little do people know those are my 2 favorite instruments and I know the best players for them. 3. Giveon - 'Lost On Me'

This song is just 10/10 when it comes to rhythm and flow. It's so new age and warm I love sounds like this they give me this sense of comfort that I can get lost in. 4. Gemaine - 'Lay It Down'

Who is not a fan of some classic RnB From my dawg Gemaine. I met him a few weeks ago and to say that he's warm is an understatement. He has good energy and vibes. Super happy to be acquainted with him and able to share his lovely song. Which entails the depths of romance. 5. Tanerélle - GOOD GOOD

Raw is the first thing that comes to mind when describing this track. There's a color in the way it shapes itself and moves through your ears. I think everyone will have that moment where they stare off into space and wish her voice could just blanket them.

Check out the music video for 'Pentagon' below:

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