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5 Songs I love w/ Nicki Wells

We sat down with spellbinding singer-songwriter Nicki Wells who is on the verge of releasing her luscious debut album 'Ellipsis', to learn all about the 5 songs she loves exclusively for FLEX!

The latest single to be unveiled from that forthcoming album is ‘Holy Smoke’, another gorgeously sensitive and emotionally insightful song that features the well-worn keys of Wells’ childhood piano, her folk-inflected vocals scales, deeply poetic lyrics, and soaring orchestral strings. Check it out below.


Tamino - Sunflower Right now I really love 'Sunflower' by Tamino from his latest record Sahar. I love how he is fusing his heritage of being Egyptian in an interesting way within his music. Sunflower is more of a light pop ballad sung with French singer Angéle. There is a melancholy to the verses but the choruses really lift and give the feeling of hope.

Tamino - The First Disciple The First Disciple has darker tones to it, more nuances of Tamino’s Egyptian heritage. I love that he uses the oud instrument (the Egyptian guitar). The scales have more of a Middle Eastern feel which I like.

Jeff Buckley - Dream Brother Another song that I have always loved would be Dream Brother by Jeff Buckley. It starts with him tunning a guitar to make it sound Indian Classical before the electric guitar enters with the riff and Jeff’s voice soaring holding only one note while the chords change underneath before he breaks into the Chorus which has grit and frustration. The song builds up so well and is pure 90s gold dust.

Nick Drake - River Man River Man by Nick Drake is another favourite of mine. His muted nylon guitar strings have a very laid back feel to it but it is Robert Kirby’s string arrangement that really make this track haunting. With strong use of sweeping lydian lines and has a feeling of Vaughn Williams about it which conjures up images of the English countryside which is of prevalent in Nick’s music.

Joni Mitchell - A Case Of You A Case of You by Joni Mitchell is my final song which I love. This song is a lyrical treasure as are most of Joni’s songs. The opening line just grabs you: “Just before our love got lost you said / I am as constant as a northern star, / And I said, "Constantly in the darkness, / Where's that at? / If you want me I'll be in the bar.” Such brilliant lyrics by a songwriter icon. She’s always been an hero of mine.

Stream 'Holy Smoke' by Nicki here:


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