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5 Songs I Love w/ Novine

Following the release of her track, 'Perfection', we caught up with super talented singer Novine and asked her the song's she loves and why.

Prince: If I Was Your Girlfriend

I really love how creative and extremely talented Prince was. Very sad that I didn’t get to see him perform live. There are so many great songs that he created. I really love the groove in this one. The slap bass line in this song can get me feeling good at any point. The pitched vocals are so creative and innovative for its time and the lyrics are so unique and different.

Sade: Love Is Stronger Than Pride

Sade’s voice is like silk and so soothing, it can make anyone fall in love. The song has such an ethereal vibe. Every instrument falls perfectly into place and just adds to the beauty of this song. Her music is just timeless.

Erykah Badu: Didn’t Cha Know

Erykah has a certain attitude that no one else can acquire. The song, with its smooth groove and the beautiful harmonies, give a perfect feel that you can’t stop your head from nodding to. Her lyrical skills are amazing, always having a story to tell and a message to bring out into the world. 

Marvin Gaye: I want you

5 songs are a very difficult task. I often wish that I could live in the musical era of the 70/80’s. A lot of my songwriting is inspired by this music and I must say that “I Want You” is one of the songs I love the most. From the funky guitar to the amazing string arrangement making you feel somehow nostalgic and in love. The overall quality of this song is at its highest and the sensuality is what makes me love it so much. The percussive elements bring out an amazing groove while Marvin’s smooth and at the same time very emotional voice brings out both the feeling of love and pain.

JMSN: “Talk Is Cheap”

I thought I should mention at least one contemporary song. That is why I’m choosing JMSN with his song “Talk Is Cheap”. It is clear to hear where his influences come from as they are some of the same ones I have. His production is super clean and smooth. This song just stayed in my head after I heard it the first time and I can always come back and groove to it without getting bored.

Make sure to listen to Novine's latest track, 'Perfection' below:

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