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5 Songs I Love w/ Ogtopus

We don't know much about Ogtopus' identity, but what we do know is that he has a unique artistry that shines through in his new single 'GoneBro'. Following the release, we wanted to find out more about the music that Ogtpus loves, to help us understand a bit more about what made him the musician he is today!

If you like any of the songs below, be sure to check out 'GoneBro'!

1. Myxomatosis – Radiohead

The energy of this song is incredible. That riff and the beat are both out of this world and despite being super repetitive throughout the entire track it never gets boring. It always makes me think how I much I would love to be the bass player in this band – so Radiohead if Colin Greenwood ever decides to step out, please call me;-)

2. Black Moon rising – Black Pumas

I find it fascinating how much great stuff happens in this song while at the same time there is a lot of room left in there “for the lord to come in and walk through the room” – just to paraphrase that famous quote by Quincy Jones. I absolutely love the coolness of the chorus with that super simple beat/bass play that grooves to the moon and back.

3. Weirdo – The Charlatans

I love how every instrument in this song contributes to its incredible groove. But you can say the same about the sounds of the different instruments: that vibrato guitar and the synth/organ merge into a sound that sends me into another dimension whenever I listened to this amazing song.

4. Come To Me – Björk

One of my favorite Björk songs. Beautiful lyrics, smooth rolling feel, her voice and the vocal melody - and then those string arrangements!!!

5. Wild is the Wind – David Bowie

One of my favorite songs and an outstanding performance by both David and the band in this particular video. I like this version more than the original studio one. If I could travel in time I'd beam myself into that concert.

Listen to Ogtopus' latest offering 'GoneBro':

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