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5 Songs I Love w/ Owen Hamlin

Indie-rocker Owen Hamlin has just unveiled his new 8-track album 'Right As Rain'. It's a versatile 8-track offering that's caught our attention, so we wanted to find out a bit more about the music that Owen loves and what inspires his unique sound. If you're a fan of the tracks below be sure to check out Owen's new album which is featured at the end of this piece!

1. So Mystifying by The Kinks

I hadn’t heard it in a while, what a tune. The Kinks were amazing yet somehow they remain relatively obscure in comparison to their contemporaries, the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Who. They were deported and banned from touring the USA in the midst of their prime, all due to bullshit politics and reasons that were unclear.

2. Mr Moonlight off The Beatles for sale

It’s a great Lennon vocal track. There’s something about his voice when he pushes it that sounds unparalleled. Mr Moonlight is sort of a what if The Beatles did a mariachi song? The answer is of course it would be brilliant.

3. That’s Alright Mama from Elvis’s 1968 comeback special

I was aware of Elvis growing up but I wasn’t a fan. He seemed kind of like entertainment for geezers and grandmas and a little sappy at times with that cheesy way of singing. Well I was recommended the Elvis comeback special from 1968 and had a 110% shift in opinion. It’s evident to me after watching this special how talented Elvis was. His blues power has turned me into quite a fan. Only thing is I’m still not sure about those leather trousers.

4. Oh Boy! by Buddy holly and The Crickets

I discovered this song about a year ago. It’s been my favorite song to play for all that time. Listening to this song shines a light on where a lot of my favorite music originated from.

5. Midnight Rambler by The Rolling Stones

I saw The Rolling Stones a couple of months ago minus Charley Watts. It was my first time seeing them. They played their song Midnight Rambler. Those who know it know that it’s a drawn out jam of sorts. The way that they brought the dynamics down in the song was to the point where you could hear a coin drop in SOFI Stadium. Everyone was hypnotized. Right about at that point Mick Jagger whispering and old Robert Johnson song “Come On In My Kitchen” right as the dynamics were being brought back up. I just about died.

Check out 'Right As Rain', the new album by Owen Hamlin:

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