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5 Songs I Love w/ Pandas

Glasgow-based Pandas have recently unveiled their vibrant EP 'Pandamonium'. Following the release, we caught up with the band to find out a little bit more about the music they love and why. Below we hear a pick from each band member as well as a final track they chose together. If you're a fan of the track below, you're sure to love Pandas unique vibe.

Mirror Kissers by The Cribs

This track has massively influenced the way I write music. The song comes in with highly distorted guitars thrashing out a major 7th chord. Never had I thought of playing such beautiful, gentle chords with such high levels of distortion. It was addictive. The high energy of the guitars, drums and bass instantly drew me in. They lyrics are fantastic as well, at the time of discovering this song I really connected with what what Jordan Bell was saying and I certainly knew a few mirror Kissers. The tempo slow down towards the end of the track as well is something I loved, especially given the general fire of the track it was a subtle but nice change and the triplet build up towards the climax of the final chorus is glorious. Heavy bass, frantic guitars, melancholic British chanting and pounding drums.. This song truly shows that perfection comes with imperfections. - Oran McBride

Joy Division - Ice Age

I think this track is a great example of where my influences as a musician come from, as Joy Division was my first real band I fell in love with. There’s something hypnotic particularly within the drumming by Stephen Morris that locks you in. Peter Hook’s bass lines are menacing and that’s where I firmly take my inspiration. I love the guitar playing in this, it’s an excellent example of doing less to do more, adding in support to the aggressive lyrics. Ice Age is firmly one of my favourite songs, as it’s menacing, driven, but yet mesmerisingly hypnotic as well. - Hugh MacDonald

N.Y. State of Mind - Nas

This track highly influenced my sense of rhythm, particularly as a drummer but also when listening to the bass and learning how to lock in with it and make a rhythm section really shine. As well as the lyrics had a huge influence on my writing due to the incredible imagery used and wordplay. Added to that I just absolutely love the track, and would recommend it to anyone, in fact the entire illmatic album should be listened to, absolute classic. - Roan McBeath

Foals - Spanish Sahara

Foals are undoubtedly one of my main inspirations, I was always so attracted to there alternate rock sound, sonic energy filled with passion and soul. the drummer “jack Bevan evan ” has a lot of range on the kit creatively channeling his use of energy in Spanish Sahara. Jack strips away all the drums and individually brings each percussive sound almost like starting a puzzle he reacts to the emotion of yannis’s gospel vocals and appropriately plays louder when the required. The song has not only inspired my writing but brought me a-lot of comfort as a music lover, I feel transcended through a wave of ease and understanding. I would listen to Spanish Sahara whenever i felt overwhelmed naturally the song would bring me clarity and inspire my next action. - Ellis Hurley

Scissor Sisters-Filthy/Gorgeous

We chose this song as a group because it really is one of our favourite songs as a collective. All of us grew up on the scissor sisters, and in particular this tune, in fact we love it so much it’s become our resident cover at live shows and it’s now a bit of a fan favourite. The groove of the track is incredible, the bass line is so iconic and the disco beat on the drums just as much. That sort of style fits in really well with our sound and we jumped at the opportunity to make the track our own. The guitars and vocals are also amazing, and again they are similar to our own sound as a band and we wanted to put our on twist on it when bringing it to the live show. In general though it’s just a brilliant track that captures some incredible musicianship and something we all cherish and look up to. - Pandas

Listen to PANDAMONIUM here:


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